Are you ready to go live on Twitter to level up your Twitter marketing tactics? If you are already getting good results from Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn live video, Twitter live broadcasts should be your next stop.

In this post, you’ll learn how to go live on Twitter and stream content to your follower in real-time.

Please note that if you are interested in live-tweeting an event, there is a post on that as well! Both live-tweeting and going live on Twitter can help you promote an event.

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How to go live on Twitter

As you would with any video recording, use the best possible lighting and sound for your live video broadcast. This will increase the likelihood that your audience will watch longer, participate in the discussion, engage using the reactions, and share the live broadcast with their followers.

Ultimately, this will give you a boost in the Twitter news feed. Keep reading for 14 steps on live streaming from start to finish.

Step 1. Open the Twitter app

To go live, open the Twitter app on your iOS or Android smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. If you do not have it already, find the correct version for your device here.

Step 2. Tap the Compose icon

Log in to the account you want to go live on Twitter from and tap on the Compose icon.

compose icon on Twitter

Step 3. Tap the Camera icon

Next, tap on the Camera icon. This is where you can access photos from your photo library, take a photo, or live stream.

camera icon on Twitter

Step 4. Switch from Capture to Live

Tap on Live to switch from the still Capture option to the live stream feature.

Capture and Live options on Twitter camera

Note that you won’t automatically start your live broadcast when you tap on this option. You will get a chance to confirm when you want to officially make your Twitter video live.

Step 5. Add a tweet to your Live event

Before you go live on Twitter, you can add a description to let your followers know what your live broadcast will be about.

adding a description to Twitter live video in "What's happening?" box

This will be the tweet that serves as the announcement for your live stream on Twitter, so be sure to make it count with relevant keywords, mentions, and hashtags.

Step 6. Add a location to get your local community involved

For individuals or businesses who want to attract a local audience, add a location to your Twitter live stream.

Adding "Arizona" as the location to Twitter live video

Step 7. Invite guests to participate

To invite guests, tap on Invite guests. It will allow you to send invites via Direct Message to people who you want to participate in your broadcast. You can have up to three guests at a time during your Twitter live video.

Invite guests tab on Twitter live video

Step 8. Go live

When you’re ready to go live on Twitter, tap on the Go Live option. Your live broadcast will begin (based on your connection speeds).

Go LIVE button on Twitter

Once you’re Live, you’ll see it at the bottom of your screen.

"You are now Live" icon at bottom of Twitter screen

From here, you can start talking to your followers live and using the chat for text.

Step 9. Flash, flip cam, and mute microphone

Keep the three icons at the top of your screen in mind if you need them. They allow you to turn on your camera’s flash, flip your camera to record from the other side, and mute or unmute your microphone.

from left to right: stop, flash, flip, and mute icons

Step 10. Access live video options

Tap on the live video options (three dots) at the bottom right of your screen.

twitter live video options

Using these options, you can:

  • View your current Broadcast Details, including number of live viewers.
  • Ask for people to follow your account or share your live broadcast.
  • See the guest list or invite people to join the live broadcast.
  • Start a sketch to share your ideas more creatively.
  • Focus on just your video by switching to Theater Mode.
  • Flip your camera to record from the other side.

Step 11. End the broadcast

Once you are finished with your broadcast, you can end it by tapping on the X at the top left of your screen. You will get a message to confirm you want to end your broadcast.

X in top left corner to stop Twitter Live broadcast

Tap Stop broadcast at the bottom to confirm you want to stop your broadcast. You can also cancel to keep your Twitter live stream going.

Step 12. Edit the broadcast

At the end of your broadcast, you will get the option to edit and view your stats.

options to Edit Broadcast or View Stats

The Edit option will allow you to change the title of your broadcast and choose a thumbnail for your video.

Edit Broadcast screen on Twitter Live

Tap on the Save Changes option when you have completed your edits. Click Done when you are ready to exit the Edit screen.

Step 13. View your stats

Before you leave, you can view your stats and see how many live viewers you had during your broadcast. You will also get additional engagement details, based on the level of participation in your broadcast.

View Stats screen on Twitter Live

Step 14. Pin your broadcast

Your broadcast will end up as a tweet on your Twitter profile.

Tweet with completed Twitter live video in it

Using the dropdown arrow at the top right of your tweet, you can find the option to pin the tweet to your profile.

Pin to your profile option

This will allow you to move your live broadcast tweet to the top of your profile so your followers won’t miss it!

Pin this tweet option

7 tips for live streaming on Twitter

Stream to multiple networks simultaneously

Get the most out of your live broadcast by streaming to Twitter and Facebook simultaneously. How? Use multiple devices and an assistant to help you film and moderate comments.

The MLS streamed on both Facebook and Twitter for an episode of their live show MLS Idle.

Launch new products

If you want to get people excited about your newest products, try a Twitter live broadcast. You can use them for product launches or for product teasers, as Google does.

Promote your event with Twitter live

You know that live-tweeting can help you promote an event. Now, try going live on Twitter to promote your event. In the case below, Twitter Live hosted a Q&A for an upcoming movie with the lead actors.

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Use emojis/icons that mean the most to your audiences

In the entertainment industry, the big red dot stands for press record and go live. You can use an emoji that will catch your audience’s attention like TIFF does. Or use this one!

Include important links for replay viewers

Include important links for replay viewers, like your call to action, in the tweet for your live broadcast. This makes it easily accessible for everyone, even those who don’t have time to watch the whole replay.

The NFL did this in a tweet, along with relevant hashtags and guest username mentions.

Remind people to turn their sound up

Sometimes simple instructions in the text can make a difference in overall audience participation. So remind your audience to turn their speakers up. Or maybe ask them to put their earbuds in.

Follow Verizon’s lead with an emoji for extra emphasis.

Verizon tweet promoting a Twitter Live with clock emojis

Watch when reactions happen

Your stats will tell you how many engagement actions happen. But watching the replay of your live broadcast will reveal when specific engagements happen. You can see everything, like this screenshot during an Auxillary Things podcast.

engagements happening in real time on an Auxillary Things Twitter Live

Tweets with video get 10x engagement, so you’re bound to see some great reactions!

Before you go live, watch some live streams on Twitter to get a feel for them. You can participate in the discussion or just see how the hosts interact with participants. Once you are ready, follow the steps outlined above and enjoy broadcasting on Twitter live.

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