Seriously Localized and International ~ News Round-up

Owls are everywhere — or they seem to be at least — with conversations and coverage about HootSuite coming in from all corners of the globe.

To explore the opinions and anecdotes, we head east for a trip … starting in France and Spain, before flying over Eastern Europe to Russia, then moving towards China for a stopover before a return to Japan for more news from the enthused fans in Nippon.

Back in the nest in Vancouver after the whirlwind world trip, we sorted out the souvenirs and packaged up a fresh news round-up of very owl-ized articles for your international (albeit auto-translated) enjoyment.

So, put your seats and trays in an upright position and fasten your seatbelts for take-off across the Atlantic and the Pacific: (French) – HootSuite ajoute des outils de CRM et intègre Foursquare à son application iPhone

Klout Search

HootSuite adds CRM tools and features to its iPhone application Foursquare – If you are using as a client HootSuite Twitter, the service also offers the ability to filter information according to the level of influence of those you follow. Thus, you can determine a score Klout minimum for a tweet appears on your space.

Blog eTc (Spanish) – Se acaba la fiesta: Hootsuite de pago

HootSuite Coins
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The party continues is over: HootSuite payment – One day had to happen. HootSuite, one of the best tools to manage social networks, was becoming too good to be true. Or at least, to be true and free.


Not the end of the world. The average user can use HootSuite as normal, a little lost. Yes, HootSuite in free version is the level (so that by eye) of Tweetdeck or Seesmic. Professionally can continue to serve for accounts with low volume and did not need a team behind.

Digitark (Estonian) – Kuidas mitmes sotsiaalvõrgustikus toimuvat ühest kohast jälgida?

How many sotsiaalvõrgustikus-out from one place to follow? – Today, the majority of active Internet users in Estonia joined some social networking, in order to obtain information and communicate with friends there. The more accounts, but it no longer be visiting the various portals. Help in the Web services and applications that bring together social media accounts in one place together. Tutuvstan briefly own favorite – Hootsuite. (Czech) – HootSuite: 10 výhod pro správu sociálních médií

Hootsuite 10 benefits for the management of social media – Hootsuite is a website that will change your perspective on social media. Hootsuite is a web application that allows you to work with social media effectively. Hootsuite addictive application that will make you write an article for it without getting paid. I’ve never wrote a review of the software or online application. Hootsuite is but a tool, which you should at least consider, if you want to manage more than one account on the social networks.

Your Twitter (Russian) – Новые возможности HootSuite для общения в Twitter

This article mentions the new features in HootSuite and also includes 2 videos in Russian with a detailed overview:

New Features in HootSuite for communication in Twitter – HootSuite is an excellent service to work effectively in Twitter. Yesterday they presented new opportunities for all users.

Cnet China (Chinese) – HootSuite根据影响力分类Twitter用户

HootSuite Twitter users according to impact category – Beijing July 15, according to the foreign media reports, the social media management platform Hootsuite announced yesterday a launch of several new features to help SMEs better understand what Twitter users’ concerns are. HootSuite ( is clearly trying to make more satisfied business owners.

Japan’s Cellphone Edge – HootSuite gets serious about Japan

This article is in English, but it covers the Japanese version of our service and has some insights from the HootSuite CEO, Ryan Holmes:

This week I attended a Digital Garage sponsored Open Network Lab event where I had a chance to chat with HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes who was in Japan to spread the word about his powerful Twitter client. <…> Ryan revealed big plans for HootSuite in Japan. I was surprised to learn that he was able to meet with Softbank’s godfather Masayoshi Son.

Kotohanooto (Japanese) – HootSuite 1.1.2 for iPhone 日本語ローカライズ

A little outdated but still interesting article about our iPhone app was spotted in Kotohanooto blog:

Japanese localization HootSuite 1.1.2 for iPhone – A tool for managing multi-user dashboard and timelines and multiple simultaneous publishing, and sophisticated statistics tracking, HootSuite (the iPhone app: “HootSuite” (350 yen) and “HootSuite Lite” (free)) has been updated to 1.1.2 version.

Netafull (Japanese) – ツイッターのウェブクライアント「HootSuite」が高機能すぎてヤバい!!

Twitter web client “HootSuite” rocking some features are too high! – This is a detailed review of the latest HootSuite’s features. It has lots of useful information with many screenshots.

ITmedia News (Japanese) – アクセスの4割が日本から カナダ製Twitterクライアント「HootSuite」日本語版公開へ

Made in Canada from Japan 40% of Twitter Client Access “HootSuite” to release the Japanese version – Popular Twitter client “HootSuite” (the Japanese version) will be released around July. Despite that the service is in English, 38 percent of all traffic comes from Japan. A Japanese support site was also published.

Isuraeru – Open Network Lab with HootSuite

Ryan Holmes

Open Network Lab goal is to encourage innovation and Internet based Start-Ups, which may explain the 40 minutes long panel on “How Engineers can start Companies”. HootSuite recently launched a Japanese version of their service,with the aid of Digital Garage which is heavily invested in the Twitter phenomena and related tools/services.

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