Mobile Community Management: Tap in Wherever You Are

Community managers are tasked with listening and engaging 24/7. Let’s assume you don’t enjoy the luxury of your laptop, computer or social war room every hour of every day. Luckily, the HootSuite mobile app allows you to take your social on the go.

Watch as HootSuite VP of Community, Dave Olson, shares tips for managing HootSuite’s communities on his commute.

Have you tried HootSuite mobile?


With the HootSuite mobile app you can:

Build & manage Twitter lists

Home feeds are dead, save time by building and following your Twitter lists in the palm of your hand. The fast-paced nature of on-going social conversations make lists a necessity for managing any brand. Create lists for all your online communities from brand evangelists, to fellow community managers and even your competitors.

Search hashtags for real-time conversations

Hashtags are a great way to listen in on real-time chats around a brand, theme or shared interest. For the Owls at HootSuite, hashtags are great for listening, but also for identifying social influencers.

Hashtags also play host to Twitter chats. There are Twitter chats for just about any topic you can fathom from #CatChat (for all you cat lovers) to our very own #HSUChat (Tuesdays at 11AM, GMT-8).

Instantly translate languages

Conversations around your brand happen in all languages… even those you don’t speak! The HootSuite Mobile App has a handy translate button which instantly translates messages. This helps you create a global listening experience so you can better serve your international communities.

Mobile is the future. Save time, while efficiently managing your online communities with HootSuite’s mobile app whether you’re travelling on the road, air or over water on the seabus!