Trick or (Promoted) Tweets ~ News Roundup

HootSuite for MovemberDespite the headline, Halloween is over and we’ve kicked off  Mo-vember in full force at HootSuite by partnering with our compatriots at Twitter on their newest Promoted Content product — Promoted Tweets in user Timelines. In the short period since launch, we’ve gathered a ton of feedback on how we can continue to improve this service to ensure the highest quality user experience.

Thanks for all of your tweets, mentions of HootSuite, posts and responses – keep them coming! We’re certainly social owls, and we appreciate when you talk to us.

We’ve also seen over 200 articles so far, and while we can’t share them all, here are some heavy hitters from tech and traditional press that we particularly like, starting with an impromptu interview with our very own Community Director, Dave Olson (with a cold) by tech pundit Tris Hussey:

The Next Web – Interview with Dave Olson on HootSuite, Twitter & Promoted Tweets | The Next Web

Twitter Blog – Promoted Tweets: Testing in the Timeline

Mashable – Twitter Ads Come to the Stream

The Next Web – In-stream Ads Appearing On Twitter Today  Twitter serving in-stream ads

Note: Coverage in *both* English and Japanese editions of TechCrunch:

TechCrunch – Twitter’s In-Stream Targeted Tweet Ads Begin Today In HootSuite

TechCrunch – Twitter、タイムラインへのターゲット広告表示のテスト開始(HootSuiteで)

Forbes – Twitter Drops Tweets Into Users’ Streams: A Visual First Look

Gigaom – Twitter Brings Promoted Tweets to User Streams

Advertising Age – Twitter Begins Publishing Ads in Users’ Streams

Huffington Post – Twitter Starts Posting Ads In Users’ Streams | Huffington Post

Wall Street Journal – Twitter Ads Now More Prevalent

The Register – Twitter Slips Ads into User Tweet Streams

CNET – Twitter squeezing ads among tweets | Digital Media – CNET News

AdAge – A First Take on Twitter’s In-Stream Ads

Marketing Pilgrim – Twitter Promoted Ads Show in HootSuite Timeline

Venture Beat – Twitter Takes Another Step Towards In-Stream Ads

Telegraph – Twitter Rolls Out ‘Adverts’ in User Timelines

Last minute international bonus:

WebSonic – Twitter Tweets with HootSuite Promoted test | Nieuws (Dutch)

Twitter : Les tweets sponsorisés dans les timelines (French)

Promoted Tweets se proširili na Twitterovoj web stranici i pojavili u HootSuiteu (Croatian)

Les tweets sponsorisés arrivent dans nos timelines (French)

Twitter Mulai Berlakukan Promoted Tweet di Timeline Pengguna (Indonsian)

Hoot for a Cause

HootSuite MovemberIt’s that time of year again, when Owls come together to support research and fundraising for mens’ cancers below the belt by donning hair below their beaks.

HootSuite is getting involved with Movember and there are mo’ mustaches than men in the office these days… even the girls are rallying for the cause.

We encourage you to get involved as well — visit the official Movember website to find out how you can fundraise for your own Mo or donate your mo-ney to someone else who’s doing the same.