HootSuite Syndicates Promoted Tweets and Trends from Twitter

HootSuite launches Promote Tweets for Twitter
Promoted Tweets for Twitter

Legions of enthusiasts have plenty to Hoot about today as Twitter released a dispatch titled “Promoted Promotions” with a round-up of news about its Promoted Products Suite including extending Promoted Tweets and Promoted Trends beyond Twitter.com.

And HootSuite is in on the fun as the very first 3rd-party syndication partner for Twitter’s Promoted Products starting today – as Twitter announced:

We are testing syndication of Promoted Products with a select number of partners – HootSuite is launching today, and others are on the way. These partners will run Promoted Tweets in search and highlight Promoted Trends, sharing in Twitter’s revenue for these products.”

Trends and Terms

HootSuite Promoted Tweets Closeup 2
Promoted Tweet

So what will all this look like? The next time you refresh HootSuite, you’ll notice some uniquely-marked messages.

In your search streams – depending on the topic – you’ll see a Tweet which is clearly marked as a Promoted Tweet from Twitter. These Promoted Tweets are designed to be interesting to you based on your search and will likely include unique offers and ideas designed for the Twitter audience.

You’ll also notice a list of trending topics with Promoted Trends baked-in on the top of the list. Promoted Trends will show you time-specific, event-relative content promoted by advertisers alongside other trending topics. This offers a great opportunity for events looking to gather awareness quickly.

Resonance is the Word

HootSuite Promoted Tweets CloseUp 1
Promoted Trends

Since announcing the Promoted Tweets platform, Twitter stated that relevance is an important part of the strategy – so expect Promoted Products that relate directly to your search interests.

HootSuite Pro (and non-migrated) account holders can toggle to remove Promoted Tweets from search and trends.

While new users on basic plans don’t have this option, they do have the option to upgrade to a Pro account.

Let us know what you think about this exciting new initiative with your thoughtful comment.