The Social Enterprise: Re-evaluating the Role of Corporate Social ~ Webinar

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As more departments within the enterprise adopt social media, professionals are increasingly exposed to the individual benefits of their efforts: increasing brand awareness and engagement via Marketing, improving customer satisfaction and response time via Customer Support and gaining in-depth client understanding via Sales. But how could a unified approach to social media bolster brand growth?

On October 29th at 9AM PDT, HootSuite and Social Media Today will be hosting a webinar called The Social Enterprise: Re-evaluating the Role of Corporate Social. In this webinar, our panelists Susan Perry, Alan Belniak, and Thomas Dekle will re-imagine organizations that use a company-wide approach to social to drive organizational goals and affect bottom line results. Identifying key stages of social media maturity, you will learn strategies and infrastructure for scaling company-wide adoption and execution.

Thomas Dekle Headshot
Thomas Dekle
Susan Headshot
Susan Perry
Alan Belniak Headshot
Alan Belniak

In this webinar, our presenters will explore:

  • The advantages of a social enterprise
  • Navigating security risks and implementing a unified social outlook
  • Concrete steps towards establishing a social enterprise

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