3 Ways Social Media Increases Sports Fan Loyalty, Part 3: Offers Fans Unprecedented Access To Teams

This is the third post in a series adapted from the white paper “3 Ways Sports Organizations Use Social Media to Increase Fan Loyalty.” In this part we break down the second way social media increases sports fan loyalty, by offering fans unprecedented access to teams through unique content. View part 1 in the series, part 2 in the series, or download the full whitepaper below.


Although sports organizations are inherently dependant on fans for business success, so much of what they do goes on behind the scenes. From training and trades to more simple things like meals and travel, much of what sports organizations and their athletes do on a day to day basis occurs out of sight.

Social media has changed that. Many teams now offer “behind-the-scenes” content on social channels. Instagram photos, YouTube clips and other resources are being used by these organizations to offer exclusives to their followers. In doing so, they’ve managed to attract dedicated followings who keep coming back for more unique content. Something as simple as showing teammates celebrating on a plane, offering photos of new training facilities, or even (as you see above) getting excited about ice cream, can go viral amongst fans of a particular organization.

One example of content unique to social media followers came from the organizers of Super Bowl XLVII last year.

The success of a sports organization’s social channels is often dependant on them offering unique content that is not available anywhere else. This can come in the form of traditional content, contests for social followers, or real-time updates during games for those who are unable to watch or listen live. One example of unique social content comes in the form of a second screen for sporting events. Organizers of the Superbowl XLVII in New Orleans created a customized social media command center to highlight the social media interactions of fans around the big game.

In the fourth and final post we will break down the third way that sports organizations can build stronger fan loyalty, by making fans contributors to teams and uniting them. You can download the full whitepaper now.