The State of Social Media in Brasil

Sao Paulo, Brasil. Image by Fernando Stankuns
Sao Paulo, Brasil. Image by Fernando Stankuns

Brasil is one of the largest countries in the world and a relatively untapped market for many businesses. It is not only a rapidly developing economy, but Brasil has a social media adoption rate higher than many countries in the West. For businesses looking to target the Latin American audience, there is no better place to start  than Brasil’s robust market.

Brasil is the 7th largest internet audience in the world, with over 48 million unique visitors. It is the only Latin American country to rank in the top 10 and represents over 35% of the total Latin American audience. On average, consumers in Brasil spend about 27 hours per month online via their desktops, while 23% use their phones to access the internet.

Understanding the Brasilian Audience

For brands looking to localize their digital marketing and sales efforts to the Brasilian audience, an understanding of the country’s unique consumer landscape is essential. Compared to other regions in the world, Brasil has a significantly higher percentage of younger people online, with just over 31% of the total minutes online spent by Brasilians aged 25-34. As for gender demographics, Brasil is split almost down the middle, with 49% of internet users male and 51% female.

Regionally, the southeast portion of Brasil is home to 54.9% of the population, while 18.2% live in the far southern region and 13.4% live in the northeast region. Interestingly, the region with the largest amount of the population actually spends the least amount of time online. We see a large trend of smaller cities and rural neighbourhoods in Brasil spending more time online that than in large metropolises like Sao Paulo.

Social Media in Brasil

Brasil’s unique social media landscape is a reflection of the larger trends we are seeing across Latin America. Facebook, Orkut and Twitter are the most popular networks in terms of active users, but Google+ is not far behind in the market.

Brasil is Facebook’s second largest market, with 65 million active users. Across Latin America we see similar trends, with Facebook being the overwhelming leader in social media and the hub where Brasilians are talking and being marketed to. Orkut, a social networking site owned and operated by Google, gathers nearly 50% of it’s total user base from Brasil. Similar to it’s competitors, Orkut allows individuals to connect with old friends and create new relationships online and is currently one of the most popular websites in Brasil. Brasil is also one of Twitter’s top five markets, accounting for 4.3% of total active tweeting users.

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