Social Media Valentine’s Day: Romance with a Twist

We’ve been sending the same paper Valentine’s since the third grade. You know the ones: filled with hearts and cartoon characters (usually Snoopy). Don’t get me wrong, they’re great in their own way—cheesier than a large pizza and cornier than your favorite movie snack—but it’s about time they got an upgrade.

That’s why we gave classic Valentine’s a twist this year with a set of GIF cards sure to win the heart of any social media enthusiast. (Don’t worry, we kept the cheese in tact.)

Simply save and send—by text, email, or your social network of choice—to friends, family, non-annoying coworkers (and the annoying ones too, if you’re feeling generous), or that special someone.

Who’s your #HootSweetheart this Valentine’s Day?


Twitter Valentine for your #HootSweetheart

Pinners unite

Pinterest Valentine for your #HootSweetheart

Facebook flirtations

Facebook Valentine for your #HootSweetheart

Search engine romance

Google Valentine for your #HootSweetheart

Social dating

Tinder Valentine for your #HootSweetheart

Love in the time of MySpace

MySpace Valentine for your #HootSweetheart

Passion for memes

Doge Valentine for your #HootSweetheart