Team Collaboration Release ~ News Round-up

All About the Teamwork

Team work is fun - Funny hats not requiredAs you’ve likely noticed, HootSuite has added “Owners and Teams” – a new access structure designed for group message publishing and conversation monitoring. With this Team Collaboration release, you can easily coordinate with clients and colleagues — without sacrificing control over valuable account information.

Reaction to the Release

Venture Beat – HootSuite targets agencies and groups with social collaboration toolsCody Barbierri

HootSuite, a social networking navigation and management startup, today launched several new collaboration tools targeted at public relations agencies and groups who often work in teams to publish and manage through their various social networking channels, like Twitter and Facebook.

The new collaboration tools are meant to help the group publishing and monitoring process  according to the company’s blog. More specifically, help make sure the process is as easy as possible between agencies, groups and their clients. Valuable time is often lost as groups scramble to figure out who should respond or post what during the day.

Vertical Measures – HootSuite Does it Again!Kaila S.

Today, Hootsuite has upgraded their Twitter platform yet again, and integrated many features that users (like myself) are super happy about. Twitter rolled out their solution to multi-tweeters a few weeks ago (to a few select companies), and Hootsuite has now integrated their version into their platform. Team collaboration on Hootsuite is easier than ever, allowing team owners to control the account and invite other team members to manage an individual account. Team owners can manage the roles of each individual team member, including revoking access with the click of a button. – HootSuite Adds New Team Collaboration ToolBill Masson

I have always been a fan of HootSuite and they keep on going from strength to strength. This latest set of enhancements gives you more flexibility especially if you are part of a group. Team collaboration is very much in mind in these latest updates, with every social network account having a designated owner who is in charge. This gives the owner the ability to add team members to social networks without compromising password security. Team members can have basic or advanced access to accounts which can easily be transferred as roles change.

With the new Team Management system, you can:

  • Invite other HootSuite users to share your Social Networks
  • Request access to someone else’s Social Network
  • Assign Team Members advanced permissions
  • Add RSS feeds to any Social Network you have access to
  • Consolidate all your HootSuite accounts – HootSuite Releases Team Features

Oh Hootsuite, we can’t even begin to count all the reasons why we love you. But the team tools you announced today are just amazing.

Once you add all your accounts to Hootsuite, you can then do all the normal stuff you might do like reply, post, and shorten links. But Hootsuite also allows you to post the same message to multiple accounts, schedule posts, track clicks, import RSS feeds and as of today, add additional team members to help you manage your accounts.

If you haven’t tried Hootsuite yet, then stop reading this article and go sign up for an account now. Hootsuite allows you to add all your social media accounts (Facebook Profiles, Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, etc.) into one easy to use dashboard.

Web Business Consultants – HootSuite UpgradesChristine Weremy

In April 2010, Hootsuite added some upgrades that makes it easier to update multiple social media pages (including Twitter and Facebook pages) and to share administration privileges with others. According to the brand’s April 13, 2010 article, each account can add “team members” to the account without compromising password security and each member can hold various administration capabilities (i.e., basic or advanced).

The new updates allows the administrator to add multiple accounts to his or her account without having to create a new account (before accounts with different email addresses couldn’t share the same account). The upgrades also includes adding multiple RSS feeds to a social media pages and a ‘reply all’ option. According to the April article, this option allows the administrator to pre-populate a message with all recipients of an original message with one click.

Anocial – HootSuite Rolls out Team CollaborationBrian Ellis

Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee and just as hard to sleep after.

Hootsuite announces today that it now plays better with others. The team collaboration tools will now allow you to assemble your own team and give them rights to various social media accounts as needed. Once on the team anyone can add any social media account to the team without administrative rights. The team owner can assign administrative rights to whom ever they choose but retain the right to delete any account when needed. All in all, I see this as a step in the right direction.

USF: University of South Florida – HootSuite: Manage Team and Multiple Twitter Accounts with Ease

HootSuite is a free ‘Swiss Army Knife’ online application for serious Twitter users. If you manage multiple Twitter accounts and/or share twittering duties with your team, you should give HootSuite a try.  HootSuite manages every aspect of the Twitter experience and even provides statistics on your tweets made from HootSuite and, HootSuite’s URL shortener.  There are numerous other features that will help you streamline your Twitter account management, including scheduling your Tweets for times when your readers are actually reading.  I actually schedule most of my tweets for between 9 am and 5 pm, although I actually tweet them around 2:00 am.

Watch this five minute video to see some of the slick features in this amazingly useful product.  Oh, there is also a HootSuite iPhone App. so you can manage your Tweets on-the-go!

This fundamental advancement will enable enterprises, agencies, content publishers, and consultants to work with clients and colleagues seamlessly, without sacrificing control over confidential account info or compromising message timeliness.

Best known as a web and mobile-based tool for managing Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and other social networks, HootSuite continues to respond to organizations who use the dashboard for customer relationship management and support desks applications, in addition to social media promotional campaigns.

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