Tips For Taming Your Twitter Timeline

You probably miss most of the tweets sent by the people you follow on Twitter.  Whether you’re sleeping, away from your computer or not scrolling through updates on your phone, the tweets keeping coming. 500 million of them per day, by last count.

As a result, it’s easy to miss content and conversations that are important to your work, business and life. And even when you are glued to your timeline, it can be hard to get a sense of the key trends, links and people.

One way to see what you missed and gain better insights about your Twitter timeline is to install the free social media analysis app from Nexalogy. It’s available in the HootSuite App Directory. The Nexalogy app provides a picture of what’s being discussed and shared in your timeline — and it helps you make better decisions about who and what to pay more attention to.

Here are three ways to tame your timeline with the Nexalogy app.

1. Map what’s being discussed

Once installed, you see two streams in the Nexalogy app: Nexalogy Search and NexaMe. NexaMe is the tool that enables you to learn more about your timeline. (With Search, you can gain similar insights about a specific hashtag or word.)

NexaMe examines the most recent 1,500 tweets from the people you follow, or results from the past 7 days, whichever comes first. Then it visualizes the concepts being discussed on an interest map like the one shown below. (Hover over the red dots on the below image to learn what each button does.)

Each concept is displayed in a size relative to its importance in the conversation, and the map shows you the relationship between concepts. These points of connection show how different concepts are related, based on conversations.

Each concept can provide you with interesting additional data. If you see a specific concept of interest, click on it. This highlights that concept and others connected to it. You can now click the View Tweets button (shown in the above interactive graphic) to read all the tweets related to that cluster. Now you can see exactly what’s been discussed, and by whom. This is a way to go from a macro view (of all the concepts and connections) to a micro view of the specific tweets, people and links that make up the conversation.

The app also groups concepts into three categories that you can view together or separately:

  • The Obvious are the big concepts getting the most discussion by your network.
  • The Potentials are concepts that are not yet as big as The Obvious. They have enough momentum that they could begin to set the agenda.
  • The Long Shots are just surfacing, and have only garnered brief mentions. These could be the early signals worth paying more attention to.

You can click on the category buttons to show or hide the relevant concepts. (The buttons are labeled on the graphic.)

2. Follow the links

The Analysis tab of the app shows the top concepts and hashtags in your timeline, among other data.

One of the most useful data points is the list of the most frequently tweeted links. This enables you to connect content shared from elsewhere with what people are talking about. It’s a great way to learn more about concepts being discussed, and to discover links that you may also want to share.nexology

3. Connect people with the concepts

The Connections tab provides a list of Suggested Connections to help you identify and follow new and emerging influencers on a given topic, or in your extended network. You can also see the most active, engaged and retweeted people.

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 1.29.14 PM

A final note: The app pulls in fresh data each time you open the Nexalogy tab in your HootSuite. So remember to click on the tab frequently to see new results and concepts — and to catch up on what you missed.