Global Twitter Trends of the Week, Vol 87

There are over 300 million tweets sent from around the world every day. Because Twitter has become such a major source for global news and conversations, we pull weekly trends to discover what the world is talking about. Here are some of the highlights:

Top Overall Twitter Trend of the Week: Aitazaz Hassan Bangash

Twitter and other social media networks were buzzing this week after 14-year-old Aitazaz Hassan Bangash tackled a suicide bomber and was killed in the ensuing explosion near the entrance of his school, likely saving hundreds of other students in the process. Aitazaz was on his way to class when the bomber, dressed in a school uniform, asked him where the school was. “The other students backed off, but Aitazaz challenged the bomber and tried to catch him. During the scuffle, the bomber panicked and detonated his bomb,” Aitazaz’s cousin told CNN

He is now being hailed as a hero, and being put in the same category as other teenage heroes like Malala Yousafzai. On Twitter, hashtags such as #amillionaitazaz and #aitazaz can be seen strung with messages of remembrance, appreciation and hope.

Top Sports: Canada’s Olympic Hockey Team

The Canadian Olympic Team announced (to incredible fanfare on social media) the roster of players that will represent Canada at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games from Feb. 7-23 in Sochi, Russia. The selection committee opted for a mix of youth, chemistry and veteran experience in choosing the three goalies, eight defencemen and 14 forwards that will attempt to defend their gold medal win in Vancouver 4 years ago. Canada will be led by Penguins captain Sidney Crosby, whose overtime goal at the 2010 Vancouver Games won Canada the gold medal in the final against the U.S.​

Always a topic of great debate, the Twittersphere erupted with excitement and questions of how the team will stack up against the rest of the world.

Top Entertainment: Downton Abbey

The sensation that is Downton Abbey just keeps growing! This past Sunday’s season four premiere of the PBS drama didn’t only out perform every previous episode, it also outperformed every other drama on TV Sunday night, attracting at least 10.2 million viewers.

Twitter has been full of Downton Abbey Tweets since the show started, from the faithful followers to the haters. After last week it looks like this trend is not going anywhere. If you haven’t had the chance to catch an episode yet, you should probably get on it: the spoilers are everywhere.

I’m laying in bed next to my mom and she’s crying over the season finale of Downton Abbey and keeps yelling AWWWW

Top in Tech: #CES2014

Have you been seeing this hashtag around Twitter? CES stands for the Consumer Electronics Show, an annual event that has spawned some of the most popular devices ever. Along with keynote addresses from industry leaders, CES2014 was full of smartphones, electric cars, 3-D printers and wearable tech. This conference highlights what is trending in consumer tech and what we should be looking for in the near future.

Those that were lucky enough to be in attendance made sure to share that information all over social media. Twitter users discussed new gadgets and games from CES2014, sharing photos of new designs and spawning widespread conversation and debate.

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