The Secrets to Turning Your Employees into Social Advocates

By Shannon Miller


Image by Kenny Louie via flickr

Did you know that you can Increase social reach over 2000% by utilizing your own employees to amplify campaign messages?

An organization’s employees can be its “secret weapon” when it comes to brand reputation. By empowering your own employees—who are already invested in your success—to act as advocates for your organization, you can amplify your social messaging and extend campaign reach far beyond initial forecasts.

How can a company encourage social sharing across the workforce?

Join Hootsuite’s VP Enterprise Social Strategy, Rob Begg, in our upcoming live webinar Scaling Social: Unleashing the Power of Employee Advocates on October 15th, 2014 at 8am PT / 11am ET / 4pm GMT, and discover how scaling social media across the organization can empower employees to amplify your social messaging, embolden company culture, and attract high-value recruits.

Pegah Kamal, Social Media Manager at Aruba Networks, will also speak about her strategy and learnings in leveraging employees to amplify campaigns.

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Rob will share insights and tactics that have helped Hootsuite successfully amplify our social voice. Learn how to:

  • Turn your employees into brand advocates that genuinely want to promote your brand and culture
  • Make it easy for employees to spread the word about campaigns and promote company culture through innovative, uncomplicated tactics. For example:
    • Share button that can be embedded into emails to allow for easy, effective sharing.
    • Company-endorsed hashtags that employees can use to collaboratively share on, whether it’s celebrating company culture or promoting new products or campaigns
    • A Content Library with pre-approved content that employees can easily access and post to applicable social networks
  • Recruit top-level employees by enabling your employees to promote the company organically as they are encouraged to share their own company experiences on social media

Join Rob and Pegah to learn the strategies on how to successfully deploy these tactics and unleash the power of your employees as social advocates.

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