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How to Unify Your Social Media Strategy Across the Organization

As your organization grows, so does the demand for a more rigorous and unified social media strategy. A recent survey by Altimeter Group shows that only 26 percent of the respondent organizations reported that they approach social media holistically, or with a plan that is aligned with enterprise-level strategy.

Since the company’s social media presence grows with the enterprise, the lack of a holistic approach can hinder scalability. A unified social media strategy has numerous benefits for a growing organization; it helps drive revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and generate more sales leads—just to name a few.

To help your organization create a unified strategy to encourage effective social media use throughout all departments, Hootsuite has produced a tactical how-to guide called Scaling Social: How To Unify Your Social Media Strategy Across the Organization.

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The guide gives step-by-step instructions on scaling social across the organization, including descriptions on how your organization can:

  • Foster collaboration between teams and departments on a social strategy
  • Centralize social media management
  • Develop a reliable social media process and workflow
  • Ensure a consistent social media skill level for all employees

Don’t hold off on composing a unifying social media strategy for your organization. Download our guide.