Image courtesy of the Vancouver Canucks on Twitter

Behind the scenes with the Vancouver Canucks social media team

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The puck is about to drop for the National Hockey League’s Stanley Cup Playoffs. On Wednesday, April 15th,  it’s game-on for the remaining 16 teams, as well as the social media pros working behind the scenes to keep the fans fired up.

One of the NHL’s most followed teams on social media, the Vancouver Canucks, will face their division rivals from Calgary in the first round. As the players lace up, the social media teams will be getting ready for action as well.

Join us behind the scenes as we host a Periscope AMA (Ask Me Anything) on game day so you can ask Laura Wong, Canucks Social Media Specialist and Derek Jory, the lead writer for first-hand about what it is like to run social media for an NHL team over an 82-game season.

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Game time

Stay tuned all night long on April 15th, we’ll be broadcasting multiple Periscope livestream interviews that will shed light on the Vancouver Canucks’ social strategy:

  • 4:30 pm PT – AMA with Canucks Social Media Team on preparing for a big game
  • 7:45 pm PT (approx.) – First intermission check-in with Canucks Social Media Team
  • 9:45 pm PT (approx.) – Post game action following the Canucks Social Media Team
  • 10:30 pm PT (approx.) – AMA with the Canucks Social Media Team recapping the night

Before the puck drops

 Image courtesy of the Vancouver Canucks  on Twitter
Image courtesy of the Vancouver Canucks on Twitter

“The impact of what we did on social media for the past 82 games gets largely reset once we hit the playoffs,” explains Laura Wong, Social Media Specialist for the Vancouver Canucks. “The passion and tensions of fans run higher, so every line combo, every shift, every word of a Tweet is scrutinized that much more.”

Managing and amplifying game day content, such as press conferences, live Twitter updates, and crowdsourced media, is only the starting point for engaging with fans and enhancing the overall experience.

“Social media has taken it far beyond watching hockey and reporting the outcome; social media brings fans into the game, in real time,” said Derek Jory, the lead writer for and a driving force behind the personality of the Canucks’ social media efforts.

“TV and radio commentators go down in history for big calls in big games and I look at covering the Canucks in the playoffs via social media the same way: wording needs to be bang on and channel the emotion fans are feeling. The playoffs are magical and being able to bring Canucks fans closer to their team during the most thrilling time of the year is beyond a privilege.”

Have you ever wondered what this unique experience might be like? We’ll reveal all on Wednesday night with Jory and Wong during the Canucks’ first playoff game of 2015.

We’re big fans of the Social MVPs who create golden social media moments for their brands’, followers and fans. So much so, that we recently released a video tribute to the community managers, social media specialists and digital strategists crushing it from kickoff to the final whistle. #SocialGameDay. We understand the painstaking preparation that goes into running a social media campaign. With that in mind, we hope you’ll tune in so you can witness firsthand what it takes to execute a big league campaign.