Win free stuff… using Twitter? Really?

Medialets uses a clever Twitter promotion strategy.

Everyone enjoys winning something, and contests are fun way to get involved. They’re also a powerful tool for gaining new clients and generating a buzz around a product. Contests create an engagement between consumer and business, and empower the audience to help determine an outcome. They’re interactive and democratic–in short, they’re what social media is all about.

Medialets is a creative ad network for native mobile applications. Like us, they believe in innovation and transformative thinking. Last week they held a contest using Twitter. It provides an excellent example of how Twitter can be used to cross-promote two things: a concert and a company.

The contest offered 2 free tickets to the Girl Talk concert in New York. Medialets produced posters with three easy step instructions for how to enter:

· Follow @medialets
· Send a tweet beginning with #medialets explaining why you should win tickets
· Direct message us at @medialets with a) what company you work for b) email address and phone number c) what kind of phone you have

While we don’t know the results of the contest, this, to us, represented a great example of how Twitter can be used in new and different ways. Possible outcomes? Depending on where they put this poster or online graphic, Medialets likely attracted plenty of followers. Presumably some of these followers would have added to the conversation online by passing along useful information about the company, musician and/or the contest. The concert itself may have been better attended as a result. And by requiring entrants to use a #medialets hashtag, Medialets increased their search ratings.