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Are We Witnessing the Death of Text on Social Media? Question of the Week

A couple years ago, marketers loved to explain that “content is king,” but these days it seems as though “a picture really is worth a thousand words.” You may have noticed that social media sites have been embracing visuals more than ever. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ are now all based around images more than ever.

Social media networks like Twitter, which only give users 140 characters to explain their thought, have added in-line images and now, GIFs. Instagram and Pinterest have expanded so quickly that it is easy to see the move towards more visual communications.

After discussing this with Hootsuite’s blog team, we decided to ask our followers what their opinions are: Are we witnessing the death of text on social media?

We had a ton of great answers, which were all across the board. Let’s take a look and find out what you had to say.

It seems as though some of our followers thought that we will be seeing the end of text based social media, and a move towards more visual. This trend toward the visual is also influenced by the habits of social media users. More and more people are using their smartphones to share on social media.  

Many of our followers agreed that it cannot be the beginning of the end for text based social media. While visuals are without a doubt being seen more and more in our feeds, sometimes it is impossible to convey what we are trying to get across without text.  One of our followers summed it up in the perfect way:

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