HootSuite Extends Google+ Pages to All Users

By Ashley Jane Brookes | 3 years ago | 165 Comments

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HootSuite is pleased to announce that Google+ Pages is now available to nearly 5 million users worldwide!

Whether you’re on a Free, a Pro or an Enterprise plan, you’ll be able to efficiently manage Google+ Pages alongside other social channels, providing brands a better way to capitalize on the social power of this rapidly expanding social network.

To add Google+ Pages: Access your Profile from the side menu, then select + Add a Social Network under My Social Networks.

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Social media teams can now fully utilize the advanced capabilities of HootSuite’s engagement, measurement, collaboration and security tool-set to manage the unique brand-focused environment of Google+ Pages for:

  • Targeted Publishing with Circles
  • Advanced Circle Management

Google+ Pages – We’re Listening to You!

HootSuite launched as an official partner in Fall 2011 for Enterprise clients, and since then, Google+ Pages in the dashboard is HootSuite’s most requested social network:

  • It has been our most requested feature
  • Over 12,000 requests on our official Google+ Pages request form
  • Over 8,000 requests on the feedback forum
  • HootSuite’s Ambassador of Happiness, Chris Trottier, personally manages between 20-30 @HootSuite_Help requests for Google+ Pages daily!

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According to Compete.com, Google+ grew 43% in June, reaching 31.9m unique visitors in the US. This Google+ post states that:

“Since the year started, Google+ has gained 14.2 million visitors, from 17.6 million visitors in December to 31.9 million visitors in June. For the first time, according to Compete statistics, Google+ is now larger than Linkedin, who had 24.6 million visitors in June.”

Google+ Pages For Brand Engagement

Google+ launched new Google+ Pages for brands to have a unique and nuanced engagement experience with audiences.

With Google+ Pages integration, marketing managers and socially strategic organizations are offered new ways of managing connections with customers within the HootSuite dashboard for lead generation, HR recruiting, support, brand awareness and social campaigns.

Targeted Publishing with Circles

Google+ Pages in the HootSuite dashboard allow brands to tailor messaging to specific audience segments and post updates to selected circles. HootSuite privacy features let Team Members select whether a post will appear public, or whether it will post to a specific circle.

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Advanced Circle Management

Brands can now collaboratively build out their Google+ Page presence using HootSuite’s advanced team workflow functionality – such as message assignments and follow ups – optimizing the unique engagement benefits of Google+ circles.

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The functionality also allows for custom searches of keywords or phrases within public posts and specific content streams for easy monitoring. By simplifying the monitoring of comments and posts from audience members, teams can streamline +Pages management easily through the HootSuite dashboard.

Watch & Learn with HootSuite University

Google+ Pages are for anyone who wants build lasting relationships with customers, and are the centrepiece for brands, businesses and celebrities who want to build a presence on Google+. Take a look at the walkthrough video from HootSuite University to learn more.

All HootSuite users now have access to Google+ Pages functionality in the HootSuite dashboard. HootSuite will continue to expand the dashboard’s functionality as a robust and comprehensive tool for social savvy businesses.

To add Google+ Pages: Access your Profile from the side menu, then select + Add a Social Network under My Social Networks

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Jack Arsmtrong
Jack Arsmtrong 5pts

I can not add Google + page. I have basic plan. I go through all of the steps, when i am done, It is not there. I don't get the check box to add to hootsuite on the last step. Can you help?

Hootsuite_Help_Desk moderator 5pts

@Jack Arsmtrong Hello! Thanks for your post.

I can think of couple things that may prevent you from adding your Google+ page.

1. Are you the Manager of the Google+ page? This is required to be able to add your Google+ page to Hootsuite successfully.

2. Have you reached the maximum number of social networks that you can add to your dashboard?

If you're still having issues, please reach out to us at @Hootsuite_help so that we can further investigate.

Mika | Customer Advocate | hootsuite.com/help

CHris 5pts

Yes, but please get it also done for the iphone App. Have been waiting for over a year now! 

dshousesolutions 5pts

I've been trying to add G+ and the pop-up window will not give me the option to grant Hootsuite access. How do I fix this?

HootMatt moderator 5pts

@dshousesolutions Are you trying to add a G+ page or a G+ personal profile? Personal profiles for Google+ are not available in HootSuite yet, but we will add them as soon as Google+ opens them up to us :)

DariealSutton 5pts

Hey Matt, no it's not my personal page, I have a profile for my business. Although I haven't set up a official google+ business page (yet) everything about it is relating to my business. Is the option not available because I don't have a n official G+ business page yet?

HootMatt moderator 5pts

@DariealSutton Yes, that's correct. You need to go to Google+ and set up a page for your business. The business page has to be linked to your personal profile. For instructions on how to set up a brand page properly, go to https://www.google.com/+/business/ or check out some of free HootSuite University videos on Google+ here: http://blog.hootsuite.com/hsu-google-plus-courseware/ 

Once the page is created, you'll be able to add it to HootSuite. This might seem like a pain at first but there are good reasons to do so and it will pay off. If nothing else, it should help your business get more visibility in Google search results. 

Good luck with your Google+ page!@DariealSutton 

Noam 5pts

I've got the same problem... did you find a solution?

Mike Wheeler
Mike Wheeler 5pts

Are Google+ personal pages still on the roadmap? The process of figuring this out was not clear at all, btw. Really need personal page integration. Perhaps I should create a Plus Page called HootSuite doesn't work with Google Plus and post to it.

Ronnie 5pts

It's really a great and helpful piece of information. I am satisfied that you simply shared this useful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

Immigration Advice Havering
Immigration Advice Havering 5pts

Nice post. I used to be checking continuously this blog and I'm impressed! Extremely helpful information particularly the final section :) I care for such information a lot. I used to be seeking this certain information for a very lengthy time. Thanks and best of luck.

Nis 5pts

Any news on the google+ possibility on iphone?

Roy 5pts

so no Google plus for the Android App? You could remove 4 Square and use Google Plus

David Bovis
David Bovis 5pts

Andy - ignore my last - I've sorted it out.

Going Pro worked. It was then operator error. I hadn't ticked the account.


David Bovis
David Bovis 5pts

Andy - I have just created a google+ account, created a page then tried to add it to hootsuite, I've been unable to get Hootsuite to connect, after telling me I don't yet have a G+ account, it see's my G+ page, but when I select it and try to add it (With and without the 'automatically create new tab' tick box ticked or unticked, I get a message saying 'You have not made any changes, are you sure you want to close?'

I've upgraded to Pro to see if that makes any difference but I just can't get it to synch the G+ page to a hootsuite tab. I've tried to see hootsuite is an account I can add in my google+ account settings, but it's not listed.

Any advice warmly received. Thanks.

Chris Pugh
Chris Pugh 5pts

Thanks for the update, Andy.

I think allowing personal Google Plus account updates would be a natural extension of what you've started here.

Al 5pts

Hi Andy

I use rss feed to auto post to google plus , but it only post the title , no text no picture , is there is anyway to work around this?

Ampi Castano
Ampi Castano 5pts

This is great news; however, it would be more awesome to have it available for the profile as well. I would hate to create a Google+ page when I can use my profile instead. It's a hassle to have another page to maintain.

Thanks for the update.

Mineria 5pts

I have problems with Google+ Page, when I put RSS/Atom feeds of my web to automatic publish on my Google+ Page no appear the image of the link (image of the post) but with facebook is perfect, Bye

Andy 5pts

Another vote for personal profile integration. Andy Au - any idea when Google+ will be visible in the iPad app? I do 95% of my HootSuiting there.

Mtn Jim Fisher
Mtn Jim Fisher 5pts

Hi Andy,

Thanks for including page management. I would also like to manage my personal profile from Hootsuite...:-)

Mountain Jim

Dixens 5pts

Hi, thanks a lot for this Google+ feature. Any idea when it will be avalaible in the iphone app? Thanks.

Romana 5pts

Excellent add to Hootsuite!

I have a question though - I published an update to G+ through Hootsuite on my G+ page Publicly, and through Hootsuite dashboard it seems as it is published, but when I go to my G+ page profile, I can't see the message?

What could be the issue? The message is published as Public to Anyone on the web...

Dee Reinhardt
Dee Reinhardt 5pts

This is spectacular news, but I couldn't add my personal feed - ONLY pages.

On another note, for Facebook, could you possibly add the home stream feed for pages. That way I could see the other pages my page follows. Then I could use Hootsuite all of the time!!!!!

Kim Beasley
Kim Beasley 5pts

Testing it now to see how it will work for me and my team. Great addition to the lineup of website that are part of the Hootsuite family. THUMBS UP!

Jason 5pts

I do not see the option to select circles when posting from hootsuite to google+

Hugh Briss
Hugh Briss 5pts

Seems strange to add Pages before profiles or is the assumption that most people who use HootSuite use it for business? Since it seems most companies like the idea of having someone with a personal profile represent the company I didn't think Google+ Pages were getting a lot of use. I have both but rarely keep up with my Google+ business page.

Kyle 5pts

This is awesome news! I will actually start regularly updating all my Google+ pages now. Thank you Hootsuite for making my work a little bit easier!

Chris 5pts

I just set up my Google+ stream and it imported my pages, but it did not import my personal page. Now, when I try to do it again, it just pulls in my business pages and not my personal.

Am I doing something wrong or is the program just set up for pages and not personal profiles.


Andrew St. Angelo
Andrew St. Angelo 5pts

I'm happy to see this. I hope I can start filling our profile with some relevant information.

But, when do you expect this functionality will be added to the Android app? Ball park estimate if there's no official timeline. :)

James 5pts

Any idea why I'm not seeing the option to select which circles I'd like to post to?

I've authorised my G+ account, added my page and can post to it (and see my news feed), but there's no option to select which circles I'm posting to?

Thomas Besore
Thomas Besore 5pts

Do you plan to integrate with Google + personal pages at some point? I am wondering why that was left out. Please explain.

Writing It Right For You
Writing It Right For You 5pts

FINALLY!!!!!! Thank you! I have Google+ Pages for my business and manage Pages for clients. They installed into my Hootsuite flawlessly!

Brett Cohen
Brett Cohen 5pts

This is awesome. Definitely looking forward to using it!

Emily Rose
Emily Rose 5pts

I have tried to connect my HootSuite account with Google + and it tells me I don't have any pages.

So to be clear, if I do not use or have Google+ pages, I STILL cannot not use Google + with Hootsuite???

So again, what's the point???

Tracy 5pts

The circles function doesn't seem to be working. I am able to schedule to Google + Page but privacy and sharing with circles is not there. Am I missing something? I'm about to do a blog post on this so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Alejandro Rivas
Alejandro Rivas 5pts

Crongatulations! Excelente work. Only a question...Google+ too work in my iphone app?

Kimberly Castleberry
Kimberly Castleberry 5pts

How much of a wait are we anticipating before we can publish to Profiles rather than just pages?

Stephanie Roman
Stephanie Roman 5pts

This is welcome news, thank you so much!!!

I tried to add my company's G+ to the dashboard, but it says I don't have a G+ account. The email that I use to log in to Hootsuite is NOT the email address that was created to manage my brand's G+ account. How is this resolved? Thanks!

Adam 5pts


Question: When will people be able to manage personal profiles?

Lynette Young
Lynette Young 5pts

Any idea if this works with Google's 2-Step Verification?

Becky 5pts

Hi guys, great news about Google+! Is this ready for free accounts now? When I try to set it up it brings up a popup saying I need to upgrade..

simon 5pts

Hi this is great news - should the organisation owner add the G+ page in the first instance before sharing with the team (several of my colleagues have access to same g+ page but we are in overlapping orgs and teams on hoootsuite). Or does G+ admin not have to fit into Orgs and Teams, just follows who is a page admin on G+?

Chuck 5pts

Interesting, pages but not ones actual Google+ account? Why not? Don't get me wrong, it's cool to be able to access my pages on Hootsuite but one would think if I can see my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn streams on here why not Google+ if Google+ Pages are available.

Thanks for the pages though.

Luis Miguel
Luis Miguel 5pts

Hello, I would like to know if is it possible to add google+ pages and other social tools like instagram, flickr,... in your ipad app

thank you