HootSuite Announces Google+ Pages Integration in the Dashboard

By Ashley Jane Brookes | 4 years ago | 90 Comments

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July 19/2012 UPDATE: This is old news! Check out the latest development with Google+ Pages here.

New Google+ Pages functionality is now in the dashboard and available for HootSuite Enterprise clients. HootSuite is excited to be selected as an official launch partner for the Google+ Pages trial and to add this functionality to the advanced social media management tool-set.

Google+ Page circles in HootSuite

While this release is limited to HootSuite Enterprise clients, we invite all HootSuite users to apply for access to Google+ Pages integration in the HootSuite dashboard.

Sign Up Now for Google+ Pages access

Targeted Publishing to Circles

Marketing managers and socially strategic organizations will especially enjoy using Google+ Pages within the HootSuite dashboard. By publishing targeted messaging to audience segments in circles, brands have a powerful new way to engage with stakeholders.

New HootSuite Google+ Pages management tools allow you to:

  • Manage circles in-dash with add/remove and edit functionality
  • Post public updates or to select circles
  • Search public posts and updates within your circles
  • Pop-up user profiles and company pages
  • See recent user activity without leaving the dashboard
  • See comments on posts and save to a stream
  • View users who +1, share and comment on posts
  • Measure results with five Google+ analytic modules in-dash

Manage, Measure and More

Google+ Pages are an important way for marketers and businesses using HootSuite to collaboratively and securely publish messages, manage circles and measure success with Google+ Analytics built into the dash, including reports about number of posts per day, +1s per day, reshares and more.

HootSuite is an official launch partner the for Google+ Pages trial

Over 40 million people have signed up for Google+ so far, and since October, they’ve shared over 3.4 billion photos. Google+ Pages are for anyone who wants to build lasting relationships with customers and are designed to be a centerpiece for brands, businesses and celebrities who want to build a presence on Google+.

Ever Expanding Dashboard

HootSuite continues to exapnd the dashboard’s functionality as a robust and comprehensive tool for social savvy businesses. The dash now includes key social networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn as well as new Google+ Pages.

There’s more ahead for the over 2.6 million HootSuite users worldwide. Keep in the know by following @HootSuite on Twitter to find out about further integrations and developments like Google+ Pages.

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amandafulton 5pts

Hi, Im really struggling to add my googleplus page to hootsuite dashboard! can someone help me out please? been trying for hours, wasting my time!

evanlepage moderator 5pts

@amandafulton Hi Amanda. Is it a Google Plus Page you're trying to add, or a Google+ profile? Google+ profiles are not supported by Hootsuite due to API restrictions. Let me know, thanks!

ffthealth 5pts

I am trying to add my google+ page but it is saying I need to make one and won't connect the original. Is anyone else having this problem??

Hootsuite_Help_Desk moderator 5pts

@ffthealth Hi there! 

Thank you for reaching out to the Hootsuite Team via our Blog. My name is Gary and I'd be happy to clarify further. 

As the Google+ API requires each Google+ Page to be added by a Google+ Profile that is an Owner or Manager of the Page, I would recommend using a private browsing window such as Google Chrome Incognito to add the Page. 

The Incognito Window will help to ensure that no saved login credentials are being used so you can enter the details of the Google+ Profile that is the Owner or Manager of the Google+ Page. 

You can open an Incognito window in Chrome via the steps here: 

1) Click on Settings (3 lines in the upper right hand corner) 

2) Select New Incognito Window

From within the Incognito window, can you please login to Hootsuite and try to add the Google+ Page?

If the issue persists, please reach out to us on Twitter, @Hootsuite_help or via Private Message on our Facebook Page, https://www.facebook.com/hootsuite and we would be happy to investigate further. 

Kind regards, 

Gary | @HootSuite_Help | HootSuite Help Desk - http://ow.ly/dBnBz

brandsondigital 5pts

It's good - pleased it is integrated - Please tell me though, how do you Plus1 from the stream? It appears this isn't a possibility. I can comment, view people who have already Plus1 the post, but I can't do it. 

Adding a Plus1 integration would be good, in much the same way a retweet or a favourite for Twitter. Also the share function would be good to post out the content of my followers into my own stream. Could you please bring this up next time you are looking for improvements. (not that you didn't know this already) Cheers - Big Thumbs ;)

Hootsuite_Help_Desk moderator 5pts


Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out and for providing all of these great feature suggestions!

Currently, it is not possible to Plus1 directly from your Google+ stream, however if you click on the timestamp of the post, you will be directed to the Google+ post where you can Plus1. 

Please see here for further info:


It is  is possible to create streams for the content you have favourited and you have retweet. It is not possible to create a stream that shows your tweets favourited or retweeted by others. 

Please feel free to make any suggestions you have on our feedback forum, as our Developers regularly review it via:


Thank you for using Hootsuite and we're happy to hear that you are pleased with the integration!

Feel free to contact us on Twitter at @hootsuite_help if you have any further questions!

Kind Regards,

Amy | Customer Advocate | @Hootsuite_Help

Greg 5pts

When will G+ be integrated into app?

sandhiya 5pts

Please add the feature to plus one a post of the people in your circles similar to the ability comment on posts!

KristelMesh 5pts

I agree with @sandhiya  ... the ability to plus one posts from within HootSuite would be really helpful, and would make G+ integration in HootSuite much more useful.

Ar Auto
Ar Auto 5pts

Yea, i agree in I’m hoping G+ page support migrates to me quickly, i love work in hoot suite!

Mike 5pts

This is now available for every Google+ user. And One can very their identity using Google rich snippets. To be honest Google+ has more feature like hangout, circle privacy. than any other social media network include facebbok, twitter, etc.

Arrick 5pts

Do you support the rich snippets of Google+ page? I tried to feed some posts to google plus, but only text data is fed.

Jason John Mills
Jason John Mills 5pts

This is great news, all we need now is for Google+ pages to include share buttons so I can share great content I come find to my other networks

Medsempire Grace
Medsempire Grace 5pts

i love google+ pages than facebook, because of has a feature of fast gaining number of people compare to facebook. In this website industry of business today, i encourage business to have this.

Tim Huesken
Tim Huesken 5pts

Hmm, sounds like prematurely announced. Been over half a year now...

Paruyr 5pts

Guys, it has been a year and you have not launched Gplus sharing yet. It makes me think about looking for another application.

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

HootSuite offers many tools and features not available in other tools including analytics, team assignments, batch scheduling, apps and more. Alas, the Google+ integration is a limited beta for the time being. We hope to roll out more widely but the timeline is up to Google.

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

Alas, the timeline for expanded rollout of Google+ is entirely up to Google.

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

Thanks for the feedback Cameron ~ the timeline for rolling out more Google+ is entirely up to Google.

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

We hope so too but the timeline is up to Google.

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

We're waiting to roll this integration out more widely Christina then hopefully you can share with your Real Estate offices. We agree that social media is very useful for the RE industry.

Aric Boyles
Aric Boyles 5pts

@Hootsuite any update on making this a Pro offering?

Rick 5pts

I was about to move to pro as my site just relaunched however was only moving so we could use the rss feed to post to G+. Pretty bad that its not offered to Pro members, its not like G+ support is going to be a massive selling point, even for Ent customers. Seems like it was limited just for the sake of it here. Disappointing :(

Christina 5pts

Great news. Is there any chance of getting a free use for individuals who have large client base to show them the technology and get them signed up? I work with over 100 realestate offices and this would be an excellent use of a free bee to get you more customers.

GothamSprit 5pts

Looking forward to Google+ for Pro Users.

Hole In One Contest Insurance
Hole In One Contest Insurance 5pts

Thank you for posting this tutorial, his is a useful to as new user of google plus. When you have a thousands of friends in g+, how will you able to know if they include you in his/her circle without checking one by one to your friends profile because it is thousands. I wonder also why the g+ would not allowed a certain person to post other's wall.

Aeronaves a Venda
Aeronaves a Venda 5pts

Good Work ! I’m hoping G+ page support migrates to me quickly.

Cameron Keegan
Cameron Keegan 5pts

I will only switch from Basic to Pro once Google+ is enabled on Pro accounts. Until then, no point in paying.

Tahnja 5pts

Not happy that this isn't part of the free account. I had heard that Google+ was integrated so I signed up and found out that I was misinformed. Without Google+ integration, Hootsuite doesn't offer much more than Tweetdeck. Analytics are great, but for the personal user, I'd much rather have Google+ integration.

Jonathan 5pts

We applied to be able to take part and use it as a pro user, how long would this take please?

Dave Gibson
Dave Gibson 5pts

Please... any update when this will be available for the rest of us?

John 5pts

I'm still a basic subscriber and I'm totally tempted to sign up for the Pro version, but will wait until Google+ profiles and pages can be added to Hootsuite before signing up. Then it will be a no-brainer for me! I hope it's sooner rather than later.

Justin Aver
Justin Aver 5pts

Any updates on this becoming available for Pro users?

I tried to join up to the program straight after the announcement but still waiting. If you need more guinea pigs let me know!

Ali 5pts

Not being available to Pro users is a real blow. I've filled out the application, how long until you add this functionality for us? I know I'm looking around at the other options.

Lynette Young
Lynette Young 5pts

HIGHLY disappointed that this feature is not available to Pro users. Any time line estimate on when Pro accounts will get this function?

Michael 5pts

I'm very eager to get my hands on this. Too bad I'm only a "Pro" subscriber. I'm hoping G+ page support migrates to me quickly.

uther pendragon
uther pendragon 5pts

when you gonna fix the facebook hookup it does not seem to work i cannot add my social on hootsuite so your updates dont work

Social Media Manager
Social Media Manager 5pts

Whilst this looks like a great addition, I wonder how long before it's available to more than just Enterprise members?

Stephen 5pts

This is great news for businesses that use hootsuite to manage their social media pages. I know my company chatmeter.com uses hootsuite for all of its social media needs.