#HootTip: Try “Drag and Drop” in #HootSuite

By Sam Milbrath | 2 years ago | 14 Comments

Hoot Tip of the Day

The HootSuite dashboard is packed with features and tools designed to simplify your social media management. To help you get acquainted with the functionality (or just give you a refresher), here’s a #HootTip highlighting a handy way to use the dashboard.

Drag and Drop

In the pursuit of delivering the best social media management dashboard out there, our developers consider everything that impacts your user experience. That’s why the quick and easy “drag and drop” feature exists. Just like drag and dropping images into a folder on your desktop, this handy dashboard feature can be used for multiple purposes:

  • Add Users to your Lists: Drag and drop your favorite users into your Twitter lists and organize easily.

  • Add Users to your Tweets: Drag and drop users into the compose message box to respond easily.

  • Upload Images and Files: Drag and drop images or files into the compose message box to automatically add visuals to your social updates.

These tips are easy to learn and will save you time in the future.

How To…

Add Users To Lists

There are many ways of adding users to a Twitter List and the Drag and Drop makes it quick and easy. Start with an existing list or create a new one (see our earlier #HootTip for instructions on creating a new list).

  1. In your dashboard, select Contacts on the side menu.

  2. Select which Twitter profile you’d like to view a user list of and chose either “People following me” or “People I follow.”

  3. Once you’ve found a user you’d like to add to a Twitter list, drag their avatar image into your preferred list and drop it once a ‘+’ sign appears.

  4. Once added, a confirmation notice will appear at the top of your dashboard.

How to add users to lists by dragging and dropping.
How to add users to lists by dragging and dropping.

Add Users To Your Tweets

Ever need to add a variety of people to a social update? You can quickly populate your desired recipients by dragging and dropping avatars from a stream to the message box to conveniently @mention a user.

  1. To do so, find the user’s social media profile in a stream.

  2. Click on their avatar image from a stream and drag and drop into the compose message box

(Note: when dragging and dropping users, be sure to drag the user’s avatar and not their name)

How to add users to Tweets by dragging and dropping.
How to add users to Tweets by dragging and dropping.

Upload Images and Files

HootSuite’s Ow.ly URL shortener is also a great tool for sharing images, or even .PDF files. With a simple drag and drop, your image goes directly from your desktop to your social message with an automatic pre-shortened Ow.ly link.

  1. Select the file or image from your computer and drag it into your dashboard’s compose message box.

  2. The message: Drop files from your desktop here, or… will automatically appear. Drop the file into there and wait until it uploads into your message.

  3. A pre-shortened Ow.ly link will now appear in your message along with a File uploaded successfully notification (Note: Depending on the size of the file, the upload may take a moment).

How to upload images and files by dragging and dropping.
How to upload images and files by dragging and dropping.

Keep an eye out for a new #HootTip each week – they’re short and sweet so that you, your friends and your followers, will be HootSuite experts in no time.

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Do gia dung gia re
Do gia dung gia re 5pts

whoa, that sounds great!! It's very helpful for me now. Thanks a lot :)

calebgivens 5pts

Love this feature, but would really like to be able to select multiple followers to drag and drop in a list or even a tweet. 


deryk 5pts

Why can I not just simply @someone and have it actually work when Hootsuite posts to Facebook? The way mentioned above complicates things because the pages I am trying to link to have many times not had any interraction on my page whatsoever which makes it impossible to drag and drop their info...

Jim 5pts

It would be nice if you could drag an image from a website to the message box.

Sebastian Schneider
Sebastian Schneider 5pts

Great! The tip for adding users to tweet was new to me. I like that feature!

Jeannette Baer
Jeannette Baer 5pts

Hmm left a nice comment last night, but it's gone this morning:(

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I love-love the new options; click and drag of avis and photos or files is a fabulous option!

All this and more makes HootSuite the leading platform in social media!


Jeannette Baer
Jeannette Baer 5pts

love-love the new options!! HootSuite continues to impress me with the constant efforts to update, and find new ways to handle tasks, and tweets in a most efficient manner! This is why HootSuite is the leading 3rd party App in Social Media! #LoveTheOwl


Hesham 5pts

Hey Dave, this is incredible feature! I love it!

Jared Karol
Jared Karol 5pts

these are great tips. Love the drag and drop function. What if you don't have an avatar handy and you want to mention someone in a tweet? Is there a way to have it show up as you start to type their names? That'd be very helpful as well. Thanks. I'm a new user to HootSuite and liking it very much.

Andy Au
Andy Au 5pts

Hi Deryk,

The drag and drop functionality only works for Twitter. Facebook's API currently does not allow for user tagging. It's certainly something we're considering as it's the #1 most requested feature.

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

Glad to have you onboard Jared. Once you've sent a Twitter to someone, their handle will auto-complete when you start typing.

Martin 5pts

Hi chaps. I'd like to post onto my fb page, as my profile, using hootsuite but cant find a way of doing this?