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From restaurants to governments, the HootSuite dashboard is a versatile tool which helps many industries solve problems from recruiting employees to broadcasting emergency messaging. Of all the industries seeing change and opportunity from social media tools, real estate is definitely near the top of the list.

With this in mind, we released an Real Estate Industry Sheet aimed at helping agents and agencies find the right nest for their clients in conjunction with HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes‘ keynote at the 15th Anniversary of Real Estate Connect in San Francisco.

To create the survey, we asked the pros for their tips which resulted in surprising insights and a few simple tips which make big difference. The industry sheet focuses on four handy features – relevant to both the social media savvy agent and the digital newbie: Filters, Scheduling, Geo-location Search, URL Shorteners/Analytics.

With the conference and reaction to the industry sheet in the rear view mirror, today’s News Round-up focuses on opinions from these pros – including a video review – plus we’ve added a Youtube vid of Ryan on stage. Check out the articles, and whether you’re a real estate agent or not, give those features a try!

Real Estate Reactions

The Ticker Show – HootSuite For Real Estate Agents

The most powerful feature, we think, is the ability to schedule content. You can enhance your real-time thoughts, tweets and status updates with scheduled messages. HootSuite gives the example of setting up tweets before an open house. This will help to let people know your property is ready to view. This will help online prospects know you are at the house and it’s available to see. Although, the most powerful part of that example is you’re still maximizing your outreach by offering local, interesting information, during client presentations, open houses or just spending the day with the kids.”

Inman News – Monitor, manage your online real estate reputation

“Social is very fast-moving and very fast-growing,” he said. “It is the most prolific communication medium in the history of mankind.” Holmes was a keynote speaker at the Real Estate Connect conference Thursday.

And that makes monitoring — and participating in — online conversations even more vital, said Holmes, whose mother worked in real estate. “There’s a lot going on. People are mentioning your company, your business. You need a way to look at how you listen to this conversation. It can be overwhelming.”

Audience video of Ryan at Inman’s Real Estate Connect event

Coach Ken’s Blog – Why HootSuite Works for Realtors

HootSuite really works. However, I really don’t consider myself a ‘social media expert’. I’m just resourceful and passionate about anything digitally social. As an online community manager, I’m given tips and expert advice from industry leaders on a daily basis. I thought I would share with you a report that HootSuite recently developed that focuses on the real estate industry as a guide to help social media savvy agents and agencies with practical advice.”

Leadsomatic Produces Real Estate Leads: 7 Reasons To Love HootSuite

Certainly, HootSuite can change the way your business engages online with its great features! It’s a great tool to use, and I give it two thumbs up!

Blog inmobiliario de Globaliza.com – Agentes inmobiliarios en el entorno de las Redes Sociales (Spanish)

Sin duda conocer el entorno social media de cara a un uso profesional para agentes inmobiliarios es hoy en día ya casi imprescindible, y saber qué herramientas tenemos y cómo usarlas una necesidad.”

Work Smarter – 2 Hot New Social Tools Announced from HootSuite | Future of Real Estate Marketing

One of the best features of HootSuite has been the ability to post social updates to multiple streams with the click of a button. With one “copy and paste,” you can post a comment to Twitter, then re-work the verbiage a little to post it to Facebook, then re-work it again to post it back out to Twitter a second time the next day, and then post it to LinkedIn. Of course you could just post it once and have it go everywhere but to really be socially smart and savvy – you won’t be posting the exact same post to every social network!”

Blog inmobiliario – Consejos para escuchar y comunicar en Social Media (Spanish)

Una “Industry Sheet” para el sector inmobiliario, que contiene información útil y consejos, tanto de la empresa que lo edita como de diversos agentes inmobiliarios, sobre cómo utilizar mejor HootSuite y aprovechar las oportunidades que ofrecen las redes sociales.”

Active Rain – HootSuite Real Estate Agent Industry Sheet

Why use HootSuite? Is it yet another layer of work? Is it yet another layer of expense? HootSuite Real Estate Agent Industry Sheet offers answers to all those questions. You may join at the “lite” version level with its inherent limitations for FREE. Or you may try a 30-day FREE trial of the HootSuite Pro. Either way, HootSuite Real Estate Agent Industry Sheet gets you started on SAVING time and getting more exposure with the same actions! HootSuite allows one set of actions to multiple into many social networks postings – saving time.

Chicago Title – HootSuite Help for Real Estate Agents

I had the pleasure of seeing Ryan Holmes, CEO of HootSuite give a keynote address at Inman’s Real Estate Connect in San Francisco. As a HootSuite Fan Boy, I was probably a little too excited for this talk. He spoke about the importance of measuring, engaging and them building community.”

Find even more Real Estate articles in HootSuite’s Media Coverage log.

If You Come, We Will Build It

Want an Industry Sheet or Case Study created for your business or industry? Reach out to us in the comments and let us know how you’re using HootSuite to leverage social media. The wise owls at HootSuite HQ might have a few tips and insights to add to your strategy.

We always enjoy hearing how people are using the dash so be sure to reach out on our @HootSuite and @HootWatch profiles where you can also get the latest news from our R&D owls. You can also vote up or suggest feature requests on our Feedback Channel.

Don’t wait any longer! Let us know what you want so we can get to building!


Update – Even More Links

Yahoo! – Real Estate’s New Agent: Social Network

Inman Next – 4 New Killer HootSuite Updates for Facebook

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Ariol 5pts

This sounds like a powerful tool for someone who is just getting into real estate and online marketing across platforms.

Nick from Ireland
Nick from Ireland 5pts

Excellent example of how to make the best use of new technologies.

Plastic Bags
Plastic Bags 5pts

As a former real-estate agent I have some insight to the rigors of this profession. Although many agents have embraced and understand the power of using the internet, more specifically social media, this offers some easy to use tools for beginners and pro. I am sure one of the challenges real-estate agents and broker’s faces is what tools to use and how to use them without using a 3rd party marketing firm. Thanks HootSuite because you have help solve this dilemma.

Joanna from NYC
Joanna from NYC 5pts

You guys got it. I totally agree that the HootSuite dashboard can save so much time and money. I've been using it for a long time and totally love it. Best regards from Manhattan

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pro tools courses 5pts

Happy to read about hootsuite that is helping of real estate and restaurants.Lovely post..

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

Great to hear about your use case. Hoot On and save time!

Mike Sells Albany
Mike Sells Albany 5pts

We have tried capturing social media for the last 2years and constantly the only people I see making money with SM are the people selling the courses and systems.

This looks great though, being that it is mostly focused towards Real Estate Agents. Will try it, with an open mind...

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Great post very useful thank you

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David Brown 5pts

This nice feature gives you quick research to market conditions and mortgage rates. Got this one. Awesome!

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Discover how easy it is to save time and money finding the property you want. Whether you are looking at buying property or selling property . Nice post!

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Miles Rio 5pts

This one works really awesome in my phone. I can easily track my next location and time availability.

Real Estate guy
Real Estate guy 5pts

I just can agree to John. I used the tool as well. Though I should obviously try Real Estate IDX as well.

Thanks for the valuable article.

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I have used the tool in the past and it works great. Thanks

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thanks, sound like a great tool.

Wholesale Plastic Bags
Wholesale Plastic Bags 5pts

Sounds interesting. This application hootsuite is indeed a very useful tool for an emerging business offline and online like real estates. In every business time is gold and time is money, this is a monster tool for time scheduling.

Real Estate Investor
Real Estate Investor 5pts

I find that I value hootsuite more and more every time I use it. It is a solid program which saves me hours every week.

Serendipity WIlly
Serendipity WIlly 5pts

I agree with you Carmina. Not every domain owners knew things like this, they prefer asking someone to do it for them, but with hootsuite i think this will be a good starter for them to learn the ProVersion of promotions like this.

Vittles 5pts

This is definitely a great tool, to be honest, this is my encounter with this tool.

Carmina 5pts

I have to say that HootSuite works and even "non-experts" can easily learn how to use it to its full potential. I just signed up for the lite version to see what the hoopla is all about and I'm quite impressed. Time to seriously think of getting the Pro version.

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Greate post very useful free version is also good.

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I agree with Mark, this is value for us.

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Thank you so much guys for included our coverage of Hootsuite. It's a fantastic app. And not too sound too "pitchy" with three paid recommendations in a row. But, if you haven't already, jump on the paid version.

You'll be glad you did.

Property Management
Property Management 5pts

Hootsuite indeed help a lot of business owners who leverage the Internet to promote their business. A good example is those people who are involve in real estate.

Jade 5pts

I have to agree with Mark, the paid version is worth it. Although the free version is good too.

Mark Brian
Mark Brian 5pts

I love Hootsuite and have been using it for quite some time. I really would recommend stepping up and going for the paid version because it is really worth it in my opinion. I started with the free version but soon outgrew it. The new method for scheduling is great because I will not overwhelm people with too many tweets or posts to my FB page and personal profile.