9 New Ways To Get More Leads from Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook

From new ways to launch a Twitter promotion to tactical advice from LinkedIn’s Global Content Manager, our Back-to-School Kit is packed full of resources for marketers and social media managers.

It’s that time of year again. Your white pants have been tucked away, your tan begins to fade, and you suddenly realize that you missed about 2,000 blog posts about new social media tactics and trends over the summer break.

Lucky for you, we’ve just released our practical and resource-packed Back-to-School Kit for today’s digital marketers and social media managers.

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With Twitter lunch money and insights from smart people such as Deanna Lazzaroni, the Global Content & Social Media Marketing Manager at LinkedIn, you’ll quickly get back on top of the latest social trends.

Inside your free Back-to-School Kit

  • New tactics to get leads from LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook
  • 25+ content ideas from Twitter’s Tweet Calendar
  • Insider tips straight from teams at LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Expert tactics from Hootsuite’s Facebook pros
  • $50 advertising lunch money from Twitter

Treat yourself to a Pumpkin Spice Latte and start mastering the new tactics that will  get more leads and sales this fall.

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