Expand Customer Service with the WebsiteAlive App for Hootsuite

More and more people are using social media to connect with brands, but not every customer support issue or sales opportunity can be resolved in public with 140-character messages. With the WebsiteAlive app for Hootsuite, available now in the App Directory, your organization can easily invite customers from social media into private real-time chats with support or sales teams.

Whether you’re looking to speed up customer service or convert more sales from social, the integration of WebsiteAlive and Hootsuite empowers your business to bridge the divisions between social media, your website, and online chat to create a seamless customer experience.

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Integrate social media with live chat

The WebsiteAlive app for Hootsuite allows social media managers and other Hootsuite users to easily hand off customers from social media into instant one-on-one conversations with WebsiteAlive chat operators.

“We’re seeing more and more demand from customers who are heavy users of social media, but who want to supplement that immediacy with a private, secure channel of communication,” says WebsiteAlive chief technical officer Dustin Yu.

Key integration benefits:

  • Provide better customer service with 1-on-1 private chats with customers from social media streams
  • Easily send links to start a chat on any social network such as Twitter and Facebook to engage followers in real time
  • Collaborate with your WebsiteAlive chat team from within the Hootsuite dashboard to make a seamless customer hand-off
  • Drive greater revenue by connecting social customers directly with sales agents
  • Monitor your website visitor activity from Hootsuite

Delight your customers with fast, proactive service

The integration of WebsiteAlive into the Hootsuite ecosystem makes it incredibly easy for your organization to take a proactive approach to social customer service. Using Hootsuite, you can rapidly identify and engage with customers who need assistance on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks. When you want to invite someone to a private chat, simply select “Send Alivechat link” from the dropdown menu on one of their social messages.

Once the customer clicks on a chat link, they launch a secure chat instance that is not saved on any social network. The chat window connects them directly with a member of your WebsiteAlive chat team, so they can quickly resolve the issue or complete the sale with a meaningful, one-to-one conversation.

Collaborate with your chat team

There’s a seamless transition for your organization behind the scenes as well. The app enables Hootsuite users to communicate directly with a WebsiteAlive chat team through a stream in the Hootsuite dashboard, so chat operators get all of the context and information they need to continue an existing conversation from social media.

“A big focus for us is enabling our customers to engage with their clients on social in the best, most efficient way possible,” says Kevin Zellmer, global director of enterprise business development. “We’re really excited about this integration with WebsiteAlive and how it will enable a seamless customer service experience, from identifying the social messages with requests for help, to instantly bringing the conversation to WebsiteAlive—all within the Hootsuite dashboard.”

Drive ecommerce revenue

Potential buyers are already on social media at every stage of their decision making process, engaging in highly influential conversations about your brand, your products, and your competitors. However, social media remains largely untapped as a direct source of e-commerce revenue.

The WebsiteAlive app for Hootsuite empowers sales agents to engage people at the right time, in the right channel, with the right offer. When social media users respond to one of your campaigns, contests, or promotions, you can immediately invite them to a secure chat with a sales agent who can answer their questions in real time and close the sale. The one-click connection between social media and chat means your business can activate customers right away and rapidly convert engagement into revenue.

For example, sports teams can use the app to drive more ticket sales from social channels. They can identify social media users who respond to exclusive promotions or ask about ticket availability, and then reach out with a chat invitation to connect them directly with a ticket agent.

The WebsiteAlive app is available in the Hootsuite App Directory. Download the app and get started or contact your customer success manager to get set up!