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32 Useful Facebook Page Apps for Your Business

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If you’re thinking about how to improve your Facebook strategy and aren’t sure where to start, these apps for your Facebook Page can help.

Here’s why: Facebook apps don’t require a ton of effort and they’re super handy. They let you customize your existing Facebook Page in a way that enhances the experience for your customers. We’ve listed 32 apps—organized by different categories—to get you started.

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Facebook Page app suites

1. Heyo

Heyo allows you to easily create contests and campaigns for Facebook with customizable templates.

2. Ripe Social

Ripe Social offers 11 apps to build a custom Facebook Page. It’s an affordable way to build a custom brand on Facebook, with a-la-carte options to choose from.

Facebook tab apps

3. Pagemodo

Pagemodo will help you create custom tabs for your Facebook Page. If you’re looking to add a welcome page, show maps, offer coupons, and feature your products, you can quickly and easily create professional Facebook tabs for your business.

4. Tabfoundry

Tabfoundry offers an easy way to build contests and custom tabs on your Page. Instead of pre-determined tabs, Tabfoundry gives you a blank canvas with handy drag-and-drop widgets. The Tabfoundry Campaigns app is free with a Hootsuite account.

5. TabSite

TabSite allows you to build promotional tabs for Facebook, which includes things like contests, sweepstakes, lead capture, and video. You can create tabs in a matter of minutes.

Facebook email capture and contact form apps

6. MailChimp

By integrating MailChimp with your Facebook Page, you can grow your email list and share your campaigns. Once you’ve integrated MailChimp with your personal Facebook profile, you can run MailChimp on your Pages.

7. AWeber

AWeber allows you to sync your email marketing campaigns to your Facebook Page. With the app you can quickly and easily place an AWeber web form on your Facebook Page to capture leads.

Facebook e-commerce apps

8. Facebook Shop

With Facebook Shop, an app developed by Shopify for your Facebook Page, you can sell products directly on your Page and allow customers to go through the complete checkout process without ever leaving Facebook.

9. Storefront Social

With Storefront Social you can start a Facebook Store and start selling all over the globe. You can add products to your Facebook shop, customize your offerings, publish to your business Page, and set up a checkout system.

10. Shopial

Shopial lets you connect your online store to Facebook in just a few simple steps. You can advertise your products, create ads, and get reports for them.

Facebook contest and promotion apps

11. Woobox

Woobox allows you to create sweepstakes, coupons, and contests for your Facebook Pages. You can easily install a campaign as an app for your Page and Woobox has ready-made campaigns to get you started.

12. Shortstack

With Shortstack you can build engaging campaigns, contests, and promotions for Facebook. You can set up voting and entry restrictions within the app.

13. Wishpond

Wishpond offers 10 apps that make it easy to create social promotions for your business on Facebook. You can run sweepstakes campaigns, photo contests, video contests, and referral promotions.

Facebook quiz and poll apps

14. Polls for Facebook

Setting up a poll with Polls for Facebook only takes a few minutes. You can create fully customizable forms, expand your reach, and chart your results.

15. Polldaddy

Polldaddy has an integration with Facebook that allows you to run Polldaddy surveys, quizzes, and polls through your Facebook Page. Any polls you create in Facebook will be available for you to view and manage in your Polldaddy dashboard.

Facebook video streaming apps

16. Livestream

Livestream allows you to stream live videos from your Facebook Page. Whether you’re broadcasting a conference, TV show, or educational lecture, Livestream will allow you to share your videos in real time and track their performance.

17. YouTube Tab

YouTube Tab lets you display your latest YouTube channels’ videos in a tab in your Facebook Page.

Facebook blog and RSS apps

18. Networked Blogs

With Networked Blogs you can automatically publish your blog posts to Facebook. In just a few simple steps, you can integrate your business’s blog with Facebook and showcase your brand in a visually appealing way.

19. Dlvr.it

Dlvr.it is an easy way to integrate your RSS feed into your Facebook Page. The app also allows you to share your blog content across all your social media networks.

20. Page Yourself

Page Yourself allows you to customize your Facebook Pages to include elements like your blog. You can drag and drop elements and uniquely position your content.

Facebook scheduling and posting apps

21. Hootsuite’s Scheduler

With Hootsuite’s scheduling options, you can control the timing of your outreach, post at the best times of day, and plan campaigns out in advance—all while saving time in the process. Post to your Facebook Page or multiple social networks at once.

Facebook fan apps

22. Fan of the Week

The Fan of the Week app awards points to fans based on their liking activity on your Page. It will give you a real-time list of your biggest fans.

Facebook testimonial and review apps

23. Boast

Boast makes it easy to collect and display customer video reviews and testimonials on Facebook. After customers provide their feedback, you can collect and share it—all through your Facebook Page.

24. Tradable Bits

Tradable Bits’ fan customer relationship management (CRM) tool allows you to collect information about your fans’ demographics, contact preferences, interests, purchase history, and friends on Facebook.

Facebook customer service apps

25. Zendesk

The Zendesk app for Hootsuite allows your customer support team to manage, create, edit, and share tickets on social from one central location.

26. Live Chat for Facebook

LiveChat offers an integration for your Facebook Page so that you can easily chat with your customers on social and let your website visitors log in to chat with their Facebook accounts.

Facebook insights and analytics apps

27. Hootsuite Insights

Hootsuite Insights allows you to understand the discussions happening around your brand with real-time analytics. Gauge sentiment, join conversations sooner, watch trends, and track your performance.

28. 76Insights

76Insights app for Hootsuite lets you know which articles and posts resonate most with your audience. You can filter posts and share the best performing content to your Facebook Page.

29. Hootsuite Analytics

With Hootsuite analytics, you can measure and share the impact of your social media efforts. It will help you understand your Facebook activity, create real-time reports, and measure team performance.

Facebook recruiting apps

30. Work for Us

Work for Us is a recruiting app for Facebook that will let you post jobs and hire directly from Facebook.

31. Smartjobboard

With their Facebook recruitment app, Smartjobboard allows you to create a personally branded page on Facebook that features jobs from your main job board.

32. Jobcast

Jobcast lets you build branded career sites within your Facebook Page and automate your social sharing.

Choose the right Facebook Page apps for your business

Not every app will suit your business needs. But when you find the right ones, you can save yourself a lot of time by automating processes so you can better engage your customers.

Manage your Facebook presence by using Hootsuite to schedule posts, share video, engage with followers, and measure the impact of your efforts. Try it free today.

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