Social Customer Service with Flight Centre Travel Group

Gregg Tilston is the Global Social Media Leader at Flight Centre Travel Group. When he isn’t strategizing ways to increase revenue, market share, and brand awareness, Gregg’s building global communities online around travel. He recognizes emerging technologies and competitive strategies, such as social customer service, and implements them across the organization as profitable business solutions.

We had a chance to connect with Gregg at the kickoff of HootSuite’s global roadshow, Connect via HootSuite San Francisco, to discuss how Flight Centre engages with customers on social media and to hear his thoughts on the future of social business.

Flight Centre’s Social Customer Service Strategy

Like a rocketship, social customer service has taken off. Strapping Flight Centre onboard, Gregg knows that customers turn online for answers, travel tips, a sense of community, and to share their travel experiences.

Flight Centre’s global team uses HootSuite to collaborate and empower their employees to offer a superior level of social customer service. Because they’re well organized and have the resources to listen, Flight Centre’s customer service team can be proactive, rather than reactive, to customer inquiries. Whether a customer directly @mentions Flight Centre or not, employees can jump into conversations, engage, and solve problems quickly.

“By being proactive we can also listen to buying or intent type of tweets to go beyond just our brand mentions into prospective customers.” – Gregg Tilston, Global Social Media Leader, Flight Centre

Measuring Social Customer Service Results

In terms of analytics, Flight Centre is heavily KPI focused. In the beginning, Gregg’s team was interested in community growth and engagement. Today, focus has shifted toward measuring results and indicating KPIs on referral traffic from social media. Gregg relies on Google and HootSuite Analytics to measure results, and is looking at integrating uberVU via HootSuite to increase intelligence and optimize strategy.

This increased intelligence via social data will add huge value to Flight Centre. Gregg plans to engage customers on social media and onsite more effectively by collecting relevant social data and personalizing the experience.

“We’re looking at how do we bring people into a social engagement, give them a relevant experience, start to collect that social data, and then use it not necessarily to convert them on social, but to segment our databases and personalize marketing to those customers.” – Gregg Tilston, Global Social Media Leader, Flight Centre

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