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Your Customers Are On Social Media—And They’re Not Alone

Social marketing campaigns aren’t just the best way to promote your business on social—they’re also a surefire way to build a company.  Whether you want to entice top-tier talent, foster team spirit, or boost your organization’s profile on an international stage, social marketing campaigns can help you achieve your goals.

Your customers are on social media, but they’re not alone. Among the millions on social media are critics, tastemakers, and your next great hires. But what motivates them to engage with a brand? How exactly can social marketing campaigns help you reach them? And how do you keep them engaged once they’re hired?

We have the answers to those questions, and we want to share them with you. In our upcoming webinar, Hootsuite’s Campaigns: How We Use Hashtag Campaigns to Win Staff and Sales, we’ll show you how social marketing campaigns can attract staff and generate sales. We’ll walk you through the process of choosing your first hashtag campaign, designing your custom branded hashtag, and how you can use hashtag campaigns on a regular basis to grow, showcase, and celebrate your business.

Hootsuite’s Campaigns: How We Use Hashtag Campaigns to Win Staff and Sales

Date: Thursday, July 30th
Time: 8 am PT / 11 am ET / 4 pm BST

This webinar provides insider tips from the Hootsuite Campaigns team, including:

  • How to recognize an opportunity for a hashtag campaign
  • Which campaign is going to help you accomplish your specific goals
  • How to make the most of networking opportunities through campaigning
  • How to maintain steady engagement with permanent campaigns

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Our webinar speakers

Richard Hungerford
Director of Hootsuite Campaigns

Richard is responsible for leading the marketing, sales and product team of Hootsuite Campaigns. Prior to joining Hootsuite, Richard was CEO of Brightkit, a social marketing platform acquired by Hootsuite in July, 2014. He’s helped leading brands and agencies such as NBC, the NHL, Universal Music Group and 3M launch social media campaigns.

Ambrosia Vertesi
VP of Talent

Ambrosia has built and developed top talent and employers for over a decade. At Hootsuite, her team drives our employee-centric culture and Social HR frontiers. She’s also the co-founder of the music initiative #singitfwd.

Lorien Henson
Manager, Community North America

Lorien leads the strategy and execution of Hootsuite’s corporate events marketing programs that drive leads and revenue and increase brand awareness. Her passion is creating remarkable live brand experiences while incorporating event sustainability tactics.