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The Must-Follow List for Social Customer Service

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May 29, 2014

In recent years, social media has transformed the conversation between consumers and businesses, from behind closed doors to a public forum. Today, consumers are empowered and informed by social media and as a result are louder and have much higher expectations. The days of waiting on hold on helplines or for support over email are long gone.

Thanks to channels like Facebook and Twitter, consumers can air their problems to a mass audience. And this is just the beginning. As social media grows, so does the number of ways customers can interact with businesses.

When it comes to customer service and experience, there are some thought leaders who are making big strides on social media by providing insights, advice and ideas. To help you get an edge, we have compiled our list of influencers who know what they’re talking about and are ready to share:

Shep Hyken

Shep is a customer service expert, business speaker and New York Times bestselling author. He works hard to help companies deliver amazing customer service and experiences.

Marsha Collier

Marsha is an author of 45 books: Social Media Commerce, eBay, Online Customer Service. In addition, she was on Forbes Top Influencer List, GigaOM, and Pro Analyst.

Kate Leggett

Kate is a Principal Analyst at Forrester Research for Customer Service, focusing on market trends, research, opinions, best practices, and technologies.

Annette Franz

Annette is great at listening to customers. She has run Services departments for companies focused on improving both customer and employee experiences by utilizing their software tools.

Robert Bacal

Robert is an author, trainer, customer service, management, performance appraisal, leadership, and experience handling difficult customers.

Bill Quiseng

Bill is a Customer Service Blogger. He encourages brands to use him as a source to improve business customer service.

Michael Lytle

Michael is not only a director-award winning customer service organization, but he is also a Father, Husband, and Bass Fisherman. He is a customer service advocate.

Vala Afshar

Vala is the CMO and Chief Customer Officer for Enterasys Networks, responsible for global marketing and customer service and support operations. An award-winning inventor of social technologies and customer services operations, Afshar is considered a pioneer in cloud computing, social collaboration, business intelligence and customer relationship management.

Kate Nasser

Kate is a speaker, trainer, and founder of The People-Skills Coach. Overall, she turns diverse interaction obstacles into business assets especially in tough times of change.

Stephanie Thum

Stephanie is VP of Customer Experience. She is focused on feedback, success measurements, follow-through, teams, and org development.

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