Launching a Successful Multilingual Campaign: A Case Study With ARTE TV

This case study is now available to read and download in French and German

In this case study, discover how ARTE TV network launched a successful European campaign that not only increased engagement and program viewership, but also supported more collaborative, multilingual production houses.  

Increasing program viewership and audience engagement is vital for television networks. For Franco-German television network, Association Relative à la Télévision Européenne (ARTE), engagement was lacking until they began adding social elements to their programs. Using Hootsuite for the first time to manage a campaign of this scope, ARTE launched their “24h Jerusalem” international and multilingual campaign alongside the 24-hour program.

Over the month-long campaign, daily engagement with their audience was up by 32%. Not only did the campaign hashtag #24hJerusalem trend Germany-wide for a day, two Facebook ads alone were seen by 2.5 million people across Europe. This significant increase in audience engagement resulted in an astonishing 11.3 million views in Germany and France over the 24-hour program.

Part of ARTE’s success depended on their entire organization listening and engaging with international audiences—in multiple languages—on social media. Since Hootsuite, ARTE’s teams have developed coordinated social strategies and work together to build content calendars and share progress through analytic reports.

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