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As a social media professional, you already know how to share great content to engage customers across social channels—but can you translate that into numbers? To effectively measure and boost ROI, social media teams need relevant and actionable recommendations that they can understand, learn from, and apply right away.

To give social media professionals actionable data, Hootsuite has integrated LiftMetrix, a leading smart social analytics company. The integration allows joint Hootsuite Pro, Enterprise and LiftMetrix customers to optimize paid and organic social media for bottom-line results. The LiftMetrix app for Hootsuite, available in the Hootsuite App Directory, provides social media practitioners with precise and accessible recommendations for improving engagement and boosting social ROI.

LiftMetrix app for Hootsuite calculates social media ROI based on your specific marketing objectives, taking into consideration all costs and inputs to provide a highly accurate summary. Hootsuite Pro and Enteprise users can take advantage of these insights directly within the dashboard, and use these recommendations to inform their everyday social media strategy.

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Key integration benefits

LiftMetrix social media ROI

  • Daily recommendations: Receive actionable guidance in simple text, based on your social media performance and goals. Text-based insights explain why your social content has performed well or poorly. These highlights are great for sharing with your team.
  • Post-level ROI calculation: Easily determine which posts generate the most value as determined by engagements, conversions, and revenue—all within Hootsuite.
  • Content theme analysis: LiftMetrix post tagging allows you to filter and measure which content themes perform best across all of your your posts from Hootsuite.
  • Competitor analysis: Keep your finger on the pulse. Know what your competitors are doing and saying on social media and how they are achieving success.
  • Per-platform analysis: Measure your historical ROI by platform, including gross and net values to understand which social platforms are most profitable.

“As more organizations increase their investment into social media, measuring the return is more important than ever,” said Nik Pai, CEO of LiftMetrix. “We’re excited to be the solution that not only provides ROI measurement capabilities but also custom recommendations to amplify it across both paid and organic. Hootsuite is a perfect partner as we can extend their publishing and engagement capabilities to include ROI-focused analytics and recommendations.”

“Hootsuite is excited to add LiftMetrix to the App Directory ecosystem,” said Kevin Zellmer, Hootsuite’s global director of enterprise business development. “By combining LiftMetrix’s powerful ROI capabilities and recommendations engine with Hootsuite’s engagement and publishing capabilities, customers are not only presented with actionable insights that inform their social strategy but are also empowered to take action from the Hootsuite dashboard.”

How it works


Acting as a social ‘data scientist’, LiftMetrix lets you track and measure true returns on your social media investment. Simply set your goals and integrate your social and web analytics accounts. LiftMetrix will compile and interpret your data and offer real, actionable recommendations that are derived from your actual business costs and benefits. Using the LiftMetrix app for Hootsuite, you can now access your LiftMetrix data and daily game plan from a stream in the Hootsuite dashboard. Spend less time in spreadsheets and more time driving results.

Customers use the LiftMetrix app for Hootsuite to:

  • Calculate social media ROI on individual social networks
  • Calculate social media ROI on their content: Posts, Tweets, Facebook Ads
  • Understand why social metrics spike or dip, in plain language
  • Tag posts with themes to filter and assess which content types drive the highest engagement and ROI
  • Follow a daily gameplan with actionable recommendations custom-created for a community manager
  • Monitor real-time social metrics against LiftMetrix-defined goals
  • Track what content and strategies competitors employ on social media

The LiftMetrix app is available in the Hootsuite App Directory for Hootsuite Pro and Enterprise customers.

Download the app and get started or contact your customer success manager to get set up.

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