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11 Top-Rated Shopify Integrations to Help You Grow your Business

Learn how to optimize your Shopify store with 11 of the best Shopify integrations. Provide a great customer journey, every step of the way.

Michelle Cyca September 12, 2022
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At the beginning, online shopping seemed like magic. With a few clicks of the mouse, you could buy something without ever leaving your house. Sure, the site might be clunky or ugly. But it was all worth it to skip the checkout lines and shop products from around the globe.

But now that 76% of global internet users are making purchases online, customers are more discerning. And with more than 3.8 million Shopify stores out there, businesses need to offer a great online shopping experience to beat the competition. That means you need to optimize your Shopify store with Shopify integrations to provide a great customer journey, every step of the way.

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Why are Shopify integrations important for my store?

Whether shopping at brick-and-mortar stores or online retailers, customers want to enjoy themselves. While your basic Shopify store offers the essentials, it’s as minimal as a roadside lemonade stand (and minus the rustic charm).

Shopify integrations allow you to add on new features and tools to your eCommerce site. This can enhance the experience for your customers and boost sales revenues for you. Plus, they’re quick and easy to install, and many of them offer free plans or trials for businesses. Here are a few ways they can help:

Streamline customer support

If your customer has a question or needs help along their journey, there’s an integration for that. Add a customer service chatbot or custom contact form to swiftly resolve any queries. Or integrate a loyalty program or a feature that suggests related products to level up the customer experience.

Allow for email marketing

Shopify integrations can prompt your customers to opt-in their email address to email marketing campaigns. You can also use them for helpful customer notifications, like restock alerts. And as SMS marketing continues to grow, many Shopify integrations now include text as well as email options.

Improved store designs

Aesthetics matter. Quality product images are the most influential factor in online purchasing decisions, according to one recent survey. And good design increases the perceived value of your products. With Shopify integrations, you can customize your online store to reflect your brand identity. Optimize your page designs and product listings to boost sales.

Product and inventory upkeep

Shopify integrations can help you manage your product listings, streamline shipping and fulfillment. You’ll save time and effort while increasing your revenue.

11 best Shopify integrations for your eCommerce store

With thousands of Shopify apps to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But never fear: we’ve curated a selection of the top-rated integrations just for you.

1. PageFly – Custom landing and product pages

Looks aren’t everything, but a well-designed eCommerce store counts for a lot. There are a ton of Shopify integrations out there for customizing your store, but we like PageFly. And the 6300+ five-star reviews prove that we’re not alone!

PageFly lets you customize your online store’s appearance with easy drag-and-drop elements like accordions and slideshows. You can also add fun features like animations.

Creating new product or landing pages is quick and easy with pre-built templates. Responsive design means that your shop will look great on every screen, whether your customers are shopping on mobile or desktop. Plus, users rave about their stellar customer service if they need help coding a theme or resolving an issue.

In the words of one user: “Amazing customer service! Quick responses, friendly and competent. The app also offers great features which makes page design really simple.”

2. Vitals – Product reviews and cross-selling

Vitals offers a ton of marketing and sales tools for Shopify merchants. But two of the best functions are product reviews and cross-selling campaigns.

Displaying product reviews boosts sales, and Vitals allows you to display a product review widget on any page. You can also request photo reviews from customers and import product reviews from other sites.

Their cross-selling campaign feature can also bundle products, offering discounts, and taking pre-orders. During checkout, you can also show customers extra products they’re likely to want. Users appreciate the customizable features and helpful customer support team. It’s proven by the almost 4,000 five-star reviews on Shopify.

3. Instafeed – Social commerce and audience growth

Social media is a key part of any successful eCommerce strategy. Now you can sell products directly on Instagram, connect with customers and build your brand, all at the same time. Instafeed is a top-rated Shopify integration that lets you integrate Instagram posts right into your site. This encourages site visitors to follow you on Instagram, and enhances the look of your Shopify store.

There’s a free version of Instafeed or affordable paid tiers for users who want more advanced options.

4. ONE – SMS and newsletter

ONE Shopify integration for email marketing

ONE is another integration with as many functions as a Swiss Army knife, but its key features are really email and SMS marketing. Use ONE to automate text message campaigns, abandoned cart emails, pop-up lead generation forms, and more.

In the words of one user, “I started using the application for simple pop-ups but I discovered many more features that are going to look really nice on my store & be really helpful for sales.”

5. Shipeasy – Shipping calculator

Shipeasy custom shipping rate/rules

Shipeasy does one thing very well: help businesses calculate shipping rates with precision. The app integrates directly with Shopify so you can calculate shipping rates quickly and seamlessly.

Shipeasy saves you both money and time with every sale. Users appreciate the clear configuration and exceptional customer support.

6. Vify – Invoice generator and order printer

fully customizable templates

Vify is an easy-to-use app for generating invoices, receipts, and packing slips. It offers customizable templates to create on-brand invoices. It can also generate automatic customer emails, and work across many languages and currencies.

There are paid tiers, but customers also rave about the free version: “Works seamlessly with our site. It is easy to set up and very intuitive. Cannot ask for anything more!”

7. Flair – Merchandising and promotion

Flair grow your sales using proven techniques

Flair integrates with your Shopify store to add banners and countdown timers that alert customers to promotions. This is ideal if you’re running a Black Friday sale or a limited-time offer, or if you’re offering exclusive deals to select customers. Flair helps amplify your best-selling products and gives the slow-moving stock a nudge. Which can ultimately increase your sales revenues.

8. AMP by Shop Sheriff – Improved search rankings and faster loading time

Shop Sheriff get rewarded with AMP lightning bolt

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a Google initiative that speeds up page loading times on mobile devices. Pages that load faster rank higher on mobile search indexes. This means you’re improving your customer experience and your discoverability at the same time!

AMP by Shop Sheriff allows you to create AMP versions of popular product and landing pages, designed for mobile shoppers. It also offers additional features, like SEO-optimized URLs, to boost your search ranking even further. Plus it offers a ton of other helpful functions, like newsletter pop-ups and integrated Google Analytics. Even the free version is packed with features.

9. Image Optimizer

Here’s another integration to help your eCommerce site load faster.

Image Optimizer does what it says on the box: compresses the images on your site without losing quality. This is a small but powerful feature, especially since you can select auto-optimization to tackle all the images on your site. Image Optimizer comes with some other excellent features, like automatically detecting broken links and redirecting traffic. The free tier allows you to optimize 50 images a month.

10. Joy Loyalty – Customer retention

Joy Loyalty boost your sales with loyalty program and rewards in a click

Loyalty programs are a great way to reward and retain your customers, generating more revenue over the long term. Joy Loyalty is a Shopify integration that allows you to create an automatic, customized reward system, offering loyal customers points for making purchases, writing customer reviews, sharing on social, and more. It works with most Shopify site themes, and you can customize the appearance of the reward pop-ups and buttons to align with your brand. The free and paid tiers both get stellar reviews from users.

11. Metafields Guru – Save time and scale

Metafields Guru green logo

Okay, metadata is not exactly a thrilling topic. But if you have a lot of product listings, this Shopify integration can save you a ton of time and effort!

Essentially, Metafields Guru lets you edit product data in bulk, and create reusable data blocks that you can add to new products. It’s like an Excel editor for all your product listings. It’s easy-to-use, with almost no coding required. And if you get stuck, users applaud their customer service for going above-and-beyond to sort out any technical issues.

As one reviewer says, “This app is a game-changer! Coming from the HTML5/CSS and WordPress worlds, I have been tearing my hair out trying to do something as simple as creating reusable code blocks in Shopify to reduce the amount of work involved with setting up product listings.”

Shopify integrations FAQ

What is a Shopify integration?

Shopify integrations are third-party apps that can be used to add new features and functions to your Shopify store. Third-party apps are not developed by Shopify, but they work with the platform and can access your shop data. All Shopify integrations are found in the Shopify App store.

Is there a Shopify Amazon integration?

Yes! There are many apps that integrate Shopify with Amazon Marketplace. They allow you to work seamlessly across both channels. There are also Shopify Amazon integrations that focus on a specific function. There are apps for functions like importing Amazon reviews or importing product listings. You can find those apps by searching “Amazon” on the Shopify App store.

Is there a Shopify Quickbooks integration?

Yes! Intuit offers a QuickBooks Connector integration on the Shopify App store.

Is there a Shopify Hubspot integration?

You bet! There is an official Hubspot integration available to users.

Can I connect Shopify to Etsy?

You can! There are a number of integrations on the Shopify app store for Etsy sellers. The Etsy Marketplace Integration is highly-rated for its functionality and customer service.

Can I connect Shopify to WordPress?

Yes, easily! Shopify provides a simple WordPress integration to add eCommerce functionality to your website.

Does Squarespace integrate with Shopify?

Yup! Shopify also offers a Squarespace integration. It allows you to add customizable and secure eCommerce functions to your site.

Does Wix integrate with Shopify?

Yes! Add products to your website with this Shopify Wix integration.

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