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Social Selling and the Hootsuite Ecosystem: How We Help Sales with Social Media

Sales is a naturally social field, but enterprises can find it challenging to integrate social media strategy and implementation into their sales departments. And as sales teams continue to drive revenue from social relationships, the need for an efficient, reliable, and multi-faceted platform that streamlines social media efforts is paramount. Hootsuite has created the Social Selling with the Hootsuite Ecosystem guide that gives enterprises practical steps to using social media effectively with the right platform.

The Hootsuite ecosystem is made up of a network of social partnerships and app integrations that helps enterprises tie all their social media efforts together. Discover, qualify, and engage with customers on a variety of social networks from a single, customized dashboard. Monitor competitive activity and industry trends, and learn who the influencers are in your field. And Hootsuite’s open platform lets you weave social media into your regular sales routine, so you can save time and realize greater value from your existing sales tools.

Download the Social Selling with the Hootsuite Ecosystem guide and learn how lead development representatives, account executives, and account managers can use the Hootsuite ecosystem to meet their core objectives.

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What the Hootsuite ecosystem means for social selling

  • Lead development representatives (LDR): The faster the LDR can acquire, research, and qualify leads, the shorter the overall sales cycle will be for the enterprise. Find out how the Hootsuite ecosystem helps LDRs monitor social media for better leads through real-time buying signals that identify when prospects are at the most important moments in the buying process.

LDRs can quickly consolidate multiple sources of social media intelligence and seamlessly incorporate that information into CRM and marketing automation platforms. And Hootsuite’s App Directory offers CRM integrations to help streamline lead generation.

  • Account executives: It’s all about developing relationships for account executives. They are now required to engage with prospects across multiple channels, with the goal of creating profitable business relationships from these social interactions. Learn how the Hootsuite ecosystem helps leverage social relationships to connect with decision-makers at the right time. And Hootsuite’s social partnerships give account executives a 360-degree view of prospects through multiple sources.
  • Account managers: This is arguably the area most positively affected by social media. Account managers need to be nimble and aware in order to positively shape customer relationships and the strategic direction of your accounts. See how the Hootsuite ecosystem can help leverage social media for intelligence, providing real-time insights into the issues that matter to clients to keep account managers ahead of the industry.

Hootsuite helps sales teams provide the same level of support and professionalism on social media that they already deliver on traditional channels.