Webinar: Social Selling Within Large Organizations

By Matt Foulger



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Charlene Li, Founder of Altimeter Group.
Charlene Li, Founder of Altimeter Group.

If you’re in the sales profession, you know that most of the modern buying process now occurs before a salesperson even gets involved. Thanks to social media and search engines, your customers can become aware of their business needs and then research solutions, without ever reaching out to a vendor or responding to a cold call. Social selling is about putting your sales team back in the driver’s seat, by discovering and connecting with buyers at the critical moments of their decision-making process.

In this live webinar, you’ll learn how today’s most effective sales teams use social selling to hit their quotas, achieve shorter sales cycles, and retain more customers – all because they’re better informed and more engaged with buyers.

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Julio Viskovitch
Julio Viskovitch, HootSuite’s Social Selling Expert

Hosted by Charlene Li, founder of Altimeter Group, and Julio Viskovich, HootSuite’s social selling expert, this webinar will help you:

  • Leverage social media to uncover opportunities and increase sales
  • Beat the competition with deep observation and understanding of buyers’ needs and buying signals
  • Become a trusted advisor to clients by curating thought leadership content
  • Implement an enterprise social selling strategy across your organization

Discover how to master the competitive advantage that is social selling. Watch the webinar now.

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