Kapow! HootSuite Fights the Evils of Phishing, Malware, and Spam

By Chris Trottier | 6 years ago | 9 Comments

During the past few weeks, Twitter has been hit hard by phishing scams, malware, and spam. The culprit? Shortened URLs that disguise nasty, suspicious links.

Well, enough is enough. As the screenshot below shows, HootSuite (and owl.y) are making it harder for bad guys to use our service for their nefarious purposes.Safety Warning Malware

When suspicious links are sent through ow.ly, we send a warning before anyone arrives at the identified dodgy sites. From there, you can click “Back to safety” to return to safe web browsing, or alternately, you can click “Ignore warning and proceed” — that is, if you don’t mind blowing up your computer (not recommended ;-)). Instead, read up about phishing and badware at: antiphishing.org and StopBadware.org.

Phish at HootSuite

Phishers and scammers are resourceful and plentiful, and while HootSuite does everything we can to protect you and your computer, we recommend the following tips for keeping yourself safe:

  • Don’t click links sent from someone you do not trust
  • If someone you trust sends messages that seems out of character, be suspicious
  • Be on alert if you hear news of phishing or malware attacks
  • If someone offers something too good to be true, it probably is
  • Never enter personal information on a suspicious looking site


Here at HootSuite, we wish you a safe Internet experience. Heed our warnings, avoid clicking anything dodgy, and — above all — be careful!

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Matthew Shepherd
Matthew Shepherd 5pts

Brilliant...just brilliant! Well done Hootsuite. Social Media security is a whole new security frontier and definitely something everyone should be thinking about.

Cheryl from thatgirlisfunny
Cheryl from thatgirlisfunny 5pts

The out of character messages are deadly. I sometimes wonder if people have lost their minds when I see a crazy message. Then I realize that someone has had their account hijacked. It's a horrible feeling. Resetting passwords to avoid a similar fate often interferes with a host of items connected to the home account. And then there's the omg which password did I use again? Life in the big city. Thanks, Hootie, for all your hard work to keep us safe.

Rob Bell
Rob Bell 5pts

I agree, thanks for looking out for us Hootsuite, you continue to improve at a praiseworthy rate

John Radcliffe
John Radcliffe 5pts

Hi there

Thanks for the advice, however if ever you are compromised then I suggest that you use Malwarebytes free service to sort out and delete any malware,spyware and trojans it seems to work well with your existing anti-virus software and does not create conflicts.

Word of warning be careful where you get it from ther's a rouge Malwarebytes out there so I suggest you get the real one from CNET.

This is so easy to use and just about does everything for you.

Happy computing.

ps of course there are lots of other applications out there that might do the trick but at this moment in time I like this one.


John AKA Computerman Wales

Shawn Smith
Shawn Smith 5pts

Awesome, thanks Hootsuite!

People who create and distribute malware and utilize phishing tactics are the dregs of online society.

Thanks for making us a little safer!