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A New Feature To Hone Your LinkedIn Posting

By Evan LePage | 1 year ago | No Comments

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LinkedIn posting just got taken up a notch.

The business social network has unveiled a new feature called “Who’s Viewed Your Updates” that will help users in their posting strategies.

“Who’s Viewed Your Updates” is a visual snapshot of what you have shared over the past two weeks, who read or viewed it, and whether it was well-received. Beyond showing the amount of likes and shares, this new feature provides insight on what 1st degree, 2nd degree and 3rd degree connections engaged with your updates. In this way, the visual presentation is a lot like Google+’s ripples.

Image Courtesy of LinkedIn.
Image Courtesy of LinkedIn.

Better LinkedIn Posting

With this new tool, dedicated LinkedIn users have extra information that should help them hone their LinkedIn posting, tracking what works and using similar strategies in the future. This real-time resource can also help users make connections with professionals who find value in their posts.

Image Courtesy of LinkedIn.
Image Courtesy of LinkedIn.

In addition to “Who’s Viewed Your Updates,” LinkedIn announced several other profile improvements. A new feature dubbed “You Recently Visited” offers a quick highlight reel of profiles you’ve recently viewed, group discussions you’ve recently participated in, or searches you’ve recently completed. This should help people continue or follow-up on conversations, and never lose trace of campaigns or projects they have in the works.

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Sounds like a very valuable analytic, cant wait to try it


Thanks for the update Evan.

On “Who’s Viewed Your Updates”, is the smallest circle the 1st level connections and the largest circle the 3rd level connections? The LinkedIn announcement page does not address that.


I don't see these two features on my LI home page. Is LI rolling this out in stages to the members like they've done with other new features in the past?

evanlepage moderator

@maderemark It seems as though they are in fact rolling it out in stages. A few people to my left and my right have it but I personally don't have the features yet either. We should be seeing it soon, I imagine.