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By Ashley Jane Brookes | 5 years ago | 30 Comments

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HootSuite is pleased to announce the release of the all new Secure Profiles feature – a tool designed to prevent high-profile brands from accidentally posting personal updates from valuable corporate profiles.

Slide to Protect

The integrity of your messaging is crucial to your brand’s reputation. This is especially true online where errant messages can be picked up and re-broadcast to a world-wide audience before you realize the message even exists. But in this fast-paced, always-online business climate, mistakes can be made — and this is a concern for large brands with multiple social media contributors.

Now you can get in front of PR conundrums before they even occur. HootSuite Secure Profiles have been designed specifically for organizational teams so that:

  • Account owners can designate chosen social profiles as “Secure”
  • Team members are prompted to confirm or cancel messages before sending
  • Secure Profiles are available on web (iPhone, Android and Blackberry available shortly)

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Message Mishaps

When you’re dealing with humans, mistakes are inevitable. Even the most experienced and fine-tuned social media teams can find themselves spending valuable time and resources to undo or deflect split-second mishaps.

A team member who isn’t paying attention might accidentally select the wrong profile to publish their personal message to. Before you know it, you could have a Tweet expressing views on anything from driving skills to drinking preferences which may not be reflective of your brand.

This tool was built in response to incidents in which personal messages were broadcast over official brand accounts including @ChryslerAutos, @redcross and @marcjacobsintl. Each of these unique situations caused marketplace confusion and affected brand sentiment – and they were all preventable.

While some of these errant updates were elegantly mitigated, in each case, HootSuite’s security-focused tools could have prevented the distracting media attention.

HootSuite CEO Ryan HolmesWe’ve closely watched the recent stories about unintended Tweets and wanted to help companies prevent social media mishaps. With HootSuite’s Team Provisioning and Secure Profiles tool, organizations can continue using social media to promote their brand confidently while maintaining a high degree of security.”

– Ryan Holmes, HootSuite CEO

Enterprise-Ready Security

The value of using social media to broadcast messages, engage audiences and monitor your brand online is immense. The social web is an incredible forum for building community and brand awareness, so ensure that your efforts are not undone by simple mistakes.

facebook tools social media tool social media management

The Secure Profiles feature is available exclusively as part of HootSuite’s Enterprise plan. Designed for large organizations with multiple team members, the Enterprise plan includes access to comprehensive tools to monitor, engage and measure your social media ROI. Visit to schedule a free personal demo with the @HootBusiness team.

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Social Advice

Download this from our HootSuite LibraryTo help maximize your social media efforts, visit our growing library for an Info Sheet entitled Social Media Security. This one is all about using HootSuite’s many team security functions. You’ll also find many other helpful Info Sheets and Case Studies that outline examples of using social smartly.

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Daniel Piske
Daniel Piske 5pts

Help please! Allof a suddens i cant program messages for later posting. A message omes out saying that my own account has a secured profile.

How can I go back to being able to program my own messages?

Stephanie Wiriahardja
Stephanie Wiriahardja 5pts

Great feature! As someone who handles more than three Twitter accounts, I can see how this feature would be useful to avoid any mishaps. I've seen many apologies that could've been avoidable should the user pay more attention to which account is s/he is using. Such a simple feature but has a great potential of minimizing a lot of mishaps and avoiding brands to be flawed by humanly mistakes. Hopefully the feature will someday be made available for the Pro users as well as many have suggested above!

Dan 5pts

Great feature. I was hoping it would be available for Pro plans as well.

Katelyn 5pts

It is unfortunate that this feature is only part of the Enterprise plan. I would have loved to see this available for those who still have paid for the premium accounts.

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

Thanks for your feedback - we'll continue to add tools for all users.

David Wang
David Wang 5pts

Great feature! However I would love it even more if you could include the text of the tweet about to be sent on the Slide to Send Message popup. Thanks!

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

interesting idea, thanks for the feedback

Ladon 5pts

Still not able to get into my account and Hootsuite has not emailed the reset information as promised.

Dave Olson
Dave Olson 5pts

I've moved your request to a Help Desk ticket.

Jeremy Williams
Jeremy Williams 5pts

Fantastic idea Hootsuite. What a great way to respond to the recent spate of social media faux pas happening with users accidentally tweeting personal info from their work account. I know I've done that before, but luckily, it didn't turn into fiascos like the Chrysler or Red Cross tweets did.

Once again showing that you guys are on top of what those of us involved in social media on a regular basis need.