Santa Turns to Social Media to Save the Holidays

By Sam Milbrath | 3 years ago | 6 Comments

Happy Holidays from HootSuite

Every December, thousands of children send their wish lists to Santa at the North Pole. But what happens if those letters cannot be delivered in time?

As the 25th draws near, Santa signed in to his HootSuite dashboard only to discover a crisis that threatens to ruin the holidays for good. Santa, being an excellent problem solver, quickly turns to social media to save the holidays. Discover how Santa avoids the North Pole crisis and processes thousands of children’s wish lists, just in the nick of time. Whew!

How Social Media Saved the Holidays

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Share this video with your friends, kids and colleagues, especially if they need a little boost of holiday sparkle and spirit.

Happy Holidays from the HootSuite elves.

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     Villas Cabrils
Villas Cabrils 5pts

I love to see this video,it just superb,nice feel to see this or read about this amazing idea...I learn some various things that how social media to save the holiday...Nice post...

Debbie van Cleef
Debbie van Cleef 5pts


I love this video! I'm looking for ways to create videos for our own company's products. Would you mind telling me what software you used to create this one?

Jordan Behan
Jordan Behan 5pts

Hi Debbie,

Great question. Obviously the "action" takes place within a HootSuite dashboard, but the tool we used to record the screencast is called Screenflow:

It's not too difficult to use, and a great investment at about $100 USD. It also allows you to record from your webcam and microphone and use picture-in-picture for hosting screencasts. Give it a look!

Hope this is helpful,


Debbie 5pts

Hey Jordan,

Thanks for the info! We are definitely going to give it a try. Guess i'm going to have to bring my MacBook to work, as we only have windows machines.