8 Tips for Social Business, Part 6: Secure

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White Paper BadgeSocial media blunders make headlines, and these headlines make business executives nervous. We’ve all seen tweets go wrong and companies face online backlash. But the majority, if not all high-profile social media mistakes, could have been avoided with a few extra security precautions. After being hacked, the Onion’s development team offered a few tips for how to avoid phishing scams. One of these tips was the use of HootSuite which has dedicated security features to help ensure these types of social media security issues never happen to you.

The following is an adapted excerpt from the white paper “8 Tips for Social Business,” which provides an eight-step roadmap to social success. In this portion we offer insight on how to secure your social media assets with the help of HootSuite, from securing profiles to instituting limited permissions. To view the white paper in its entirety, you can download it below.


Tip 6: Secure

Secure Profiles and Limited Permissions are two features developed by HootSuite to secure your social assets. Photo by Alexandre Dulaunoy.

Fear over losing control is an understandable barrier to implementing social media across an organization. It is important to note that mistakes are preventable. In many popular cases the missteps were handled well and the damage to each organization was more along the lines of temporary embarrassment than anything permanent, but why not stop them before they occur?

HootSuite developed Secure Profiles specifically in response to instances like these to put a solid measure of prevention in place. This provides an extra prompt when publishing to important branded accounts, preventing errant posts intended for personal accounts.

Limited Permissions is another unique security feature. HootSuite offers multiple levels of account access and places limits on which team members can participate in outbound social conversation directly. The Limited Permissions puts control over publishing firmly in the hands of those who are most trusted. Your social tools should too.

Team members are also easily added and removed as organizations expand and contract. Removal is instantaneous in the event that a team member isn’t exiting on good terms. The now infamous @MarcJacobsintl intern meltdown where CEO, Robert Duffy was described as a “tyrant” by an over- worked intern would have been prevented by using HootSuite’s Limited Permissions setting to limit his access to publish without approval.

Want to read the rest of the white paper? Download “8 Tips for Social Business.”