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How to Structure Enterprise Social Media Teams

Large companies often ask us: what’s the best way to structure social media teams when you need to support multiple brands, product lines, business divisions, and geographies?

Do you need a dedicated team for each product line such as watches, clothes, houseware, and camping gear?

And what if you work with partners, external agencies, and distributed teams—how can you ensure brand consistency and better manage all of the social media activity occurring across the enterprise?

You’ve got questions, so we asked social experts for answers.

In our guide Rethink Complexity: How to Structure Social Media in Large Companies you’ll discover practical ways to manage complex social media initiatives that span teams, departments, brands, products, and countries.

What you’ll master in the guide:

How to organize social media teams with multiple product and business divisions—by focusing on the needs of customers.

Tactics to help global and local teams work together—by refining workflows and deciding on the right balance of central control and local flexibility.

How to increase efficiency and collaboration—by sharing best practices and empowering employees to amplify your company’s story.

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These tactics are based on interviews with social experts as well as our experience working with over 1,700 enterprise customers including Adidas AG, ANZ Bank, Australia Post, Levi Strauss & Co, Oakley, RWE AG, Sony Music Entertainment, and WWF International.

Who is this guide for?

You work in a large enterprise organization with multiple brands, product lines, and divisions. At this scale, your strategy and workflows have a lot of complexity.

Your team might also work with external agencies or partners.

This creates unique coordination challenges as you try to launch content and control brand standards across different teams, languages, divisions, or regions.

These challenges can’t be easily solved.

But with a stricter focus on the right social governance, smarter metrics, and an eye for the complexity that can be controlled, your company will gain a lot more impact from your social media initiatives.

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