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26 Real Estate Social Media Post Ideas to Get New Clients

Snap, share, sell. Wish it was that easy? Use these real estate social media posts to attract new clients (buyers and sellers).

Michelle Martin October 24, 2022
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Second only to referrals, social media is the next best source of real estate leads, according to a 2022 realtor survey. Because of this, 80% of real estate agents plan to spend more time on their social media marketing strategies in the next year.

Trust and experience are the top attributes people look for when choosing a real estate agent.

Social media is more than a way for people to discover home listings (though it’s great for that). It’s where you can show your expertise and start developing relationships — and leads — at scale.

Wondering how to grow your social media accounts? Here are 26 specific ideas for real estate-themed posts that will help you get more views and leads.

Bonus: Get a free social media strategy template designed specifically for real estate agents, brokers, and marketers. Use it to easily plan your own strategy, track results, and keep your team in the loop.

26 real estate social media post ideas to get more leads

1. New listings

This one is pretty basic, though important. Always share new listings hitting the market to your social accounts.

And not just once: Share them several times. Your entire audience won’t see it each time, so multiple shares and reminders will maximize its reach.

New York City Real Estate Sales Clinton Hill

Don’t overthink these posts. They can include as little as photos, key details about the house or property, and a link to the listing.


2. Video walkthroughs

Include video wherever and whenever possible. Include it in your listing posts, or share quick 15-30 second clips as separate posts on Instagram Reels and TikTok.

Almost 3/4 of your potential customers (73%) are more likely to list with agents who use video. And, 37% of realtors believe drone video footage is one of the most important emerging marketing trends.

West Haven Group Broadway City Hall video walkthrough


Not sure how to use video on social? Check out our complete TikTok for business guide.

3. Market update

Whether buying or selling, people tend to follow the market closely for at least a few months before deciding to list or move. Sharing statistics about your local market helps inform your existing clients and puts you in front of new ones.

Use your local real estate board’s monthly or quarterly reports and create either a graphic post or, even better, a Reel or TikTok. These are quick to film and a great way to market yourself with your own personality and presence.

Metro Vancouver TikTok Market Update


4. Tips for buyers

People want to make informed choices about the largest purchase of their lifetime. Put together a list of tips for a wide range of buyers, from those buying their first home or those looking to get into investing.

Video reigns supreme, but all types of social media content can work for this.

Phipps Britain Real Estate


5. Mistakes to avoid

Share what you’ve learned over the years of working with your clients or the top mistakes you see people making. Even better, be vulnerable and share your own mistakes from past purchases or investments.

3 mistakes sellers make when selling their home


6. Neighborhood guide

Whether buying or selling, your clients’ choices are heavily influenced by the neighborhood they’re in, or wanting to live in. Locals may know the best restaurants, but they won’t know the current average selling price or the demographics of people who want to move there.

Neighborhood guides are even more important for buyers relocating to a new city. They want to know the things they can’t find on Google.

Carousel posts, Reels, and TikToks will all work great for highlighting a specific neighborhood with your own personal insights.

7. Neighborhood facts

Posting stats for a specific neighborhood can help attract potential clients looking to list their home in that neighborhood. It showcases your experience at a micro-local level, giving that client confidence you can get them the best results.

It’s also valuable information for those looking to buy in the area, giving them an idea of price benchmarks and what to expect.

Porter Ranch At A Glance September 2022


8. Neighborhood history

Local history is fun. It shows your connection to where you live and work and it doesn’t come across as “salesy” content.

These fun facts are perfect for local historical holidays or anniversaries, or a #ThrowbackThursday post.

Adrienne Kenny Vancouver historical post


9. Home makeover

Sellers are always looking for tips to maximize their sale price, and buyers often want to renovate or at least make small changes to their new home. Share before and after photos of extensive remodels or quick makeovers for inspiration.

When possible, share your actual listings or properties you’ve personally renovated and the results. Did it bring in a higher sale price? Multiple offers?

10. Interior inspirations

Help potential clients visualize what’s possible in their new home by sharing “dream home” level shots. While most probably won’t be attainable for your average buyer or seller, everyone loves to daydream a little during the moving process. It’s great inspiration!

If you don’t have amazing interior shots from current or previous listings, share ones from your peers or partners, like custom builders or design magazines. Wherever they’re from, always give credit for photos you share.

Bonus tip: Use Hootsuite’s built-in content curation tools to easily find these types of posts to share. Here’s how:

11. Home value maximization tips

Renovations and makeovers are a big part of increasing a home’s value but you can also share more practical tips, like the small details that matter for home staging photos. Or, if upgrading your furnace to be more energy efficient could be a good idea before selling.

As a bonus, offer a free home valuation assessment to your audience to bring in leads.

12. Home maintenance tips

Educate first-time buyers on must-do home maintenance tasks and offer advice for sellers on ways to get their homes ready to sell.

You could share everything from when to replace a roof to simple things, like how to clean a dishwasher.

Jazmin Quintero 3 home maintenance tips


13. Polls

Perfect for Instagram Stories content, polls are an easy way to engage your audience and find out more about them. Stories polls allow for easy voting (and results analysis), but you can also create a poll in any photo or text post by asking people to comment with “A” or “B” or a specific emoji.

14. Testimonials

High-quality photos may attract new leads, but testimonials are what sells them. Don’t be afraid to share the same testimonial twice. Not everyone will see it the first time, and cycling through them every few months won’t clutter up your profile.

Create a design template, ideally with a few variations. Then you can create and schedule testimonial graphics in bulk. Easy peasy.

15. Guide for first-time buyers

Real estate can be overwhelming for first-time buyers. Be their guide—literally.

This agent offers a downloadable “buyer’s package” on their website. Of course, it requires an email opt-in to get it. This is a great way to get new leads and grow your real estate email list.

Phipps Brittain first time buyer guide


16. “Just sold” photos

Showing off your sold listings is important to demonstrate that you can actually sell homes, but it’s even more powerful when you add in human connection.

Did your clients need a quick sale and you made it happen? Sell their starter to successfully land their dream home? Or, rely on your expert advice to buy their first investment property?

You don’t need a 1,000 word opus here, but telling a bit of the story behind the sale helps humanize your brand. Potential clients see you as both a capable real estate agent and a real person who can understand their needs.

17. Open houses

While most of your sales likely happen from 1:1 showings, open houses are still a big part of real estate marketing.

Instead of making people sift through all your listings, do a weekly recap of all your upcoming open houses with locations and dates. That way, people can attend more than one and it’s a fresh way of sharing your current listings again.

Open House Jefferson Park


18. Client appreciation events

Events may be a lot of work to organize but they’re great for keeping past clients engaged, earning referrals, and for marketing material. Share photos or videos from your latest BBQ, pumpkin patch day, or other community event.

Get better turnouts at your upcoming events with these 6 social media event promotion tips.

19. Community involvement

Show you care about your community by taking part in notable events, like heritage days or festivals, or raise money for charity.

You don’t want to come across as bragging, so don’t volunteer or fundraise just for the photo op. Do share your genuine passion for helping organizations important to you.

20. Agent or team member feature

If you work as part of a team, feature an agent or staff member. Your audience will feel more connected to a team they know a bit about, especially if they can identify with them.

Work alone? Share a bit about yourself (or your dog) instead.

21. Partner spotlight

There are lots of people you rely on: Photographers, mortgage brokers, staging and cleaning companies, etc. Give your industry partners a shout out on social media and they may reciprocate.

Better yet, it shows prospective clients you have the right connections to help get the job done.

22. Local business spotlight

Show buyers where they could be sipping the best cocktails or walking to for weekend brunch. Highlight the best local businesses your clients will love to discover in their new neighborhood.

Be sure to tag the business so they can share your post, exposing you to more local peeps.

23. Memes and funny content

If it fits your brand, bring humor into your social feed with relatable memes. Everyone likes a laugh, especially when it comes with useful information.

24. Contests

Everyone loves the chance to win free stuff. You don’t need an expensive prize to gather plenty of leads, but make sure it’s something that appeals to a lot of people. (Headphones are a great example.)

This contest asks people to call in to enter. While talking to potential leads is an excellent conversion strategy, you can run a contest more easily by gathering lead info (phone number, email address, etc) on a landing page or through a Facebook ad instead. More people will enter if you make the process easy.

Check out more social media contest ideas.

25. Interesting or notable listings

People love interesting homes. Share something newsworthy from your area, whether it’s a record-breaking sale (especially if you sold it) or a unique listing that’s sure to turn heads and boost your engagement.

Austin Sabin Personal Real Estate


26. Behind the scenes

We all love a glimpse into lives that aren’t ours, and your clients are no exception. Some potential clients may think homes mostly sell themselves. Show them the work that goes into creating contracts, negotiating offers, strategizing listing details, and organizing photography.

Showing how hard you work for your clients is the best way to convince skeptical leads.

Real estate social media marketing best practices

1. Define your target audience

Nope, your audience isn’t “everyone who wants to buy or sell.” Are you after luxury home buyers? Specialize in selling urban condos? Whatever your “thing” is, really hone in on who you’re serving and how to attract them.

Not sure what your people want to see? Find out with our guide for analyzing your target market.

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2. Pick the right social media platform(s)

You don’t need to be on TikTok… unless your target audience is.

You don’t need to post on Instagram Stories every day… unless your target audience watches them every day.

You get the idea. Yes, you should choose social platforms that you personally find enjoyable to use, but the most important factor will always be where your audience hangs out. Meet your people where they are.

3. Understand social media trends

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel with every new social post. Sure, you can jump on trends to potentially go viral, but you also need to know the ins and outs of each platform you’re on.

That means understanding everything from demographic data to the types of posts that perform best. Luckily, we’ve got you there too with our free Social Trends 2022 report. It’s everything you need to know to succeed on social right now and for years to come.

4. Schedule your content in advance

You’re busy! You don’t need to be glued to your phone all day to keep your social media marketing going.

You can use Hootsuite to draft, preview, schedule and publish all your social media posts.

And not just for one platform, either. Hootsuite works with Facebook, Instagram (yes, including Reels), TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest.

You can even use Hootsuite’s Bulk Composer to schedule hundreds of posts across multiple social profiles. This is a game changer if you run social media for a realty and support multiple agents in promoting their listings.

Hootsuite Planner overview

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Get a complete overview of what Hootsuite can automate for you in this quick video:

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