Social for the Financial Services Industry ~ Webinar Now Available


Social FSI: What Social Means to the Finance Industry‘ webinar is now available to view and share anytime you like. Watch the interview with the Senior Technology Analyst at Wells-Fargo, Jason Maynard.


We explore the emerging role of social media in the finance industry. Drawing on his experience with the convergence of Internet practices and industry applications, Jason and HootSuite discuss how social will change the finance industry’s approach to business and marketing.

During the webinar, some great questions were asked, such as:

  • How will we establish the role of social in this industry?
  • What kind of data is meaningful with regard to building an effective social strategy?
  • What tools and networks will be most effective for our goals?
  • How can our data be best leveraged and integrated to maximize social ROI?

For the answers and more on social for the financial industry, watch the video, now available on demand.

Jason Maynard of Wells Fargo
Jason Maynard of Wells Fargo

Meet Jason Maynard

Jason Maynard is a Managing Director and Senior Technology Analyst in the Equity Research Department at Wells Fargo Securities. Jason has fifteen years of combined experience operating, analyzing, and investing in the technology market.