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How to Write Your Best Social Media Bio [+28 Free Templates]

Your social media bio may be short, but its potential is powerful. Use that space to attract new followers—or customers.

Laura Wong September 6, 2022
How to Write Every Kind of Social Media Bio (+28 Free Templates)

Your social media bio is one of your first opportunities to make an impression on your audience. A good bio can make the difference between whether or not a user chooses to follow you.

And although followers shouldn’t be the only metric you care about, more followers can lead to more reach and collaboration opportunities. Your followers may even turn into a community of like-minded people.

To help you and your brand put your best foot forward, we’ve rounded up 28 social media bio examples and templates for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Bonus: Unlock 28 inspiring social media bio templates to create your own in seconds and stand out from the crowd.

Free social media bio generator

Choose your preferred network in our social media bio generator to get ideas for your next eye-catching bio.

Please note: This tool may display inaccurate or offensive material that doesn’t represent Hootsuite’s views. You’re solely responsible for use of any content generated using this tool, including its compliance with applicable laws and third-party rights.

This bio generator is a web tool that takes a bit of information and transforms it into the perfect one-liner for your social media profiles. It uses the latest ChatGPT technology. But, like all good robots, it still needs a little human intervention to really knock it out of the park. So make sure to fill out all the inputs with as much detail as possible to get the best results. Like the list of ideas below, it’s a great tool to get inspiration for your final draft.

Why a good social media bio matters

When a user discovers your account, your social media bio is usually the first place they look (after admiring your catchy username, of course). That’s why it’s so important to have a fully completed and engaging profile.

Even if you only run dark social media posts (ads) and don’t publish any organic content, you should still fill out your social media bios. A good bio is like a storefront — it can help inspire trust in potential customers unfamiliar with your brand.

Lastly, social media bios are SEO-optimized (for most social media platforms). That means the keywords you add to your bio can help your account get discovered through in-app searches and general web search engines.

Whether you’re a creator or a company, here is the key info you should aim to include in all of your social media bios (adapted based on character space):

  • Who you are
  • What you do/provide/sell
  • Where your business operates
  • Your category (for business) or interests (for personal brands)
  • How someone can get in touch with you
  • Your website
  • Call to action

Instagram bios

Character limit: 150 characters

Whether you’re a company or a personal brand, your Instagram bio should compel profile visitors to take action— which might mean clicking on your link in bio, browsing your products, visiting your physical location, or simply following your account.

For personal brands, I love seeing how creative influencers and content creators get with their Instagram bios. Companies and organizations usually need to fit a few more things into their Instagram bios, such as branded hashtags, store hours or locations, and other brand accounts. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative!

Whether you’re looking to polish up the bio for your personal account or a business account, these templates and examples can help get you inspired.

Bonus: Check out our link in bio guide to find out how to build a converting link page for Instagram and TikTok with Hootsuite.

Personal brands

Template 1: What are you known for?

[Who you are/what you’re known for]

[Something unique about you]

[Affiliated accounts/businesses]

Example: @classycleanchic

@classycleanchic engineer to full time blogger bio [instagram bio example]

Template 2: The emoji list

[Your interests/content themes]

💼 [Affiliated account/job title + company]

📍 [Location]

💌 [Contact info]

Example: @steffy

Steffy style and interiors [instagram bio example]

Template 3: Symbols + bio link CTA

✈ [Reason to follow]

⬖ [Your interests/content themes]

✉︎ [Contact info]

↓ [CTA] ↓


Example: @tosomeplacenew

Mayuri travel and lifestyle blogger [instagram bio example]

Companies and organizations

Template 1: Brand mission

[Brand mission statement]

Example: @bookingcom making it easier for everyone to experience the world through travel [instagram bio example]

Example: @lululemon

lululemon bio mindfulness sweat community and more [instagram bio example]

Template 2: UGC hashtags

[Brand mission]

[Branded/UGC hashtags]

[Contact info]

Example: @passionpassport

passion passport impactful human and diverse stories about travel [instagram bio example]

Template 3: All your brand accounts

[Brand statement + UGC hashtag]

[Emoji + affiliated accounts]

[Emoji + affiliated accounts]

[Emoji + affiliated accounts]



Example: @revolve

revolve summer tag in posts [instagram bio example]

Still looking for inspiration? Here are 10 more Instagram bio ideas and tricks to stand out.

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Twitter bios

Character limit: 160 characters

Given Twitter is more of a conversational platform, your Twitter bio is a great spot to inject a bit of your brand’s tone of voice or show off your personality.

Think of it like a cold opening to a TV show: you want your bio to grab attention so people stick around for the rest of the show.

Some main features you should include in your Twitter bio are:

  • Your name
  • Location/where you do business
  • Brand mission/tagline
  • Other associated accounts
  • Branded hashtags
  • Website (if different from your main bio link)

With that in mind, here are some templates and examples to get you started.

Personal brands

Template 1: The pipe/emoji separators

[Current job title/company] | [Previous companies/notable roles] | [Notable achievements such as bylines/speaking gigs] | [CTA or associated hashtags]

Example: @ChiThukral

@ChiThukral marketing professional and top 30 under 30 [twitter bio example]

Example: @pattimmons_

Pat he him pronouns social at web flow advisor and author [instagram bio example]

Template 2: The paragraph breaks

[What you do/what you’re known for]

[What you’re working on]

[CTA + website link]

Example: @TomFrankly

Thomas Frank productivity YouTuber [twitter bio example]

Template 3: Full sentences

[What you’re known for]. [What you do]. [Other interesting roles/businesses]. [Witty ending/CTA].

Example: @thecultureofme

maybe: jeff global head of social at square [twitter bio example]

Example: @SaverioBianchi

Saverio Bianchi e-commerce advisor and CEO [twitter bio example]

Companies and organizations

Template 1: Tagline + brand hashtag

[Brand tagline]. [Branded hashtag(s)].

Example: @Anthropologie

Anthropologie sharing inspiration sending job finding love [twitter bio example]

Example: @Avalanche

Colorado Avalanche NHL team on the ice in your hearts and hoisting the Stanley Cup [twitter bio example]

Template 2: Customer support

[Brand mission/tagline]

Need support? Go to [support account/website].

Example: @intercom

Intercom we help businesses build strong customer relationships with Engagement OS [twitter bio example]

Template 3: The accounts list

[Brand mission/tagline].

[Emoji: Affiliated account]

[Emoji: Affiliated account]

Example: @NHL

NHL your home for hockey [twitter bio example]

Looking for more ideas? Here are 30 more Twitter bio examples.

TikTok bios

Character limit: 80 characters

Ready to get ruthless? That’s what you’ll have to do with your TikTok bio, which allows half the characters of most other platforms. That’s why there are so many Linktree copycats popping up, as they enable TikTok creators to extend their bios (and monetize their audiences).

Given the highly creative nature of the platform, TikTok bios can go many different ways. While TikTok bios aren’t as formulaic as Instagram ones, there are still some common things to include

  • The main topics/themes of your content
  • Call to action
  • Location
  • Contact info (since there are no contact buttons like on Instagram)
  • Website (available for business accounts once you reach 1,000 followers)

Personal brands

Template 1: Short and sweet

[Who you are]

[Content themes]

[Contact info]

Example: @lothwe

Laura Wong growth product manager remote work and career advice [social media bio example]

Template 2: The CTA

[One liner that sums up your TikTok]

👇 [CTA] 👇

Example: @victoriagarrick

Victoria Garrick a little bit of everything with no filter or BS [social media bio example for tiktok]

Template 3: Personality spotlight

[What you’re known for/went viral for]

[Why users should follow you]

Example: @jera.bean

Jera Bean Your TikTok BFF [tiktok bio example]

Companies and organizations

Template 1: The CTA

[What you do/provide/sell]

[CTA] ⬇️

Example: @the.leap

the leap creators help creators go full time [tiktok bio example]

Template 2: We’re cool, kids

[Witty description related to your brand/product]

Example: @ryanair

Ryanair catch flights not feelings [social media bio example for tiktok]

Need more inspiration? Check out our GIANT list of TikTok bio ideas.

Facebook bios

Character limit: 255 characters (About), 50,000 characters (Additional Info)

For Facebook Pages, the bio is found in the About section on your home tab (also in its own separate tab). Facebook gives you a few fields to fill out, including website & contact info, links to other social media accounts, and an additional description box.

As Facebook is often the first place a customer goes for information about your business, completing all of the details is important.

While most of the fields will be straightforward to fill out, here are some ideas to get started with the About and Additional Info sections.

Template 1: Short and sweet

About: [Short one-liner, such as your brand tagline]

Example: @nike

Nike Just Do It [social media bio example for facebook]

Template 2: History, community policy and additional links

About: [Company mission/tagline]

Additional info: [Company mission + history]. [Facebook community guidelines]. [Page disclaimers].

Website: [link]

Other social media accounts: [Username(s)]

Email: [Contact info]

Example: @NGM

National Geographic Magazine about section on Facebok [facebook bio example]

Template 3: Why follow us?

About: [Brand tagline]

Additional info: [Why users should follow your Page]. [What content to expect]. [How followers will benefit from your content].

[Facebook community policy + disclaimers].

Social media community guidelines: [link to full terms]

Example: @travelandleisure

Travel and Leisure influential travel magazine about section [facebook bio example]

LinkedIn bios

On most other social media platforms, the bio sections are the same for personal brands and company profiles. On LinkedIn, though, this differs.

For personal accounts, your bio is the Summary section of your profile. For companies and organizations, the bio is the About section on the company page. We’ll share tips for both below.

Personal brands

Character limit: 2,600 characters

Your summary section is one of the first sections that people will read, and a good one can make the difference between skipping your profile or reading through the rest of it.

Whether you’re looking to attract recruiters, followers, or business partners, here are my best tips:

  • Write it in the first person (use “I”)
  • Make it engaging with a conversational tone! This is one place in which you can be a little more informal
  • Tease your most impressive highlights, such as in-demand skills, previous companies worked for, and quantifiable accomplishments

Template 1: The skills checklist

Hi there, I’m [current job title] and [one-liner with what’s most likely to interest my profile viewers, aka recruiters].

In my [#] of years working in [industry/role], I’ve become an expert in [area 1, area 2, area 3].

My proudest accomplishments are [example 1], [example 2], and [example 3].

Skills & qualifications:

✓ [skill 1]

✓ [skill 1]

✓ [skill 1]

[contact info]

Example: Laura Wong

Laura Wong social media bio e-commerce

Template 2: The sales pitch

Hi, I’m [name].

I’m a [job title]. I do [what do you for work/your business].

Don’t take my word for it – [social proof], [business accomplishments].

Learn more at [website].

👉 [services I offer + how to contact me]

[links to other social media accounts]

Example: Vanessa Lau

Vanessa Lau online entrepreneur about section [social media bio example]

Companies and organizations

Character limit: 2,000 characters

Although you have 2,000 characters to fill your company’s “description” section, I would strongly suggest not using the full space. LinkedIn company pages offer a lot of different fields to fill in, so it’s not necessary to fit everything about your business within the bio.

Similar to personal accounts, I think the best way to use your bio is to highlight your business’ strongest selling points. Just keep in mind that visitors to your company page are more likely to be interested in working with you than buying from you.

You still need to cover the basics (like where your company is based and what you do/sell/provide), but also include employer brand aspects like perks, company values, and how compensation is determined.

One thing to note: links won’t work in your description, so leave the URLs out. You can add your website URL in a dedicated field.

Template 1: Company overview + culture

[What your company does]. [An overview of your products]. [The pain points that you solve for your customers].

[Company history/background].

[Company culture + what it’s like to work there].

[Company core values and how they are applied].

[CTA + website link]

Example: Hotjar

Hotjar product experience insights [linkedin bio example]

Template 2: Get me to the jobs

[Company mission]. [What it’s like to work at your company]. [Company values].

See all our career opportunities here: [link]

Example: Google

Googlers build products to solve problems [linkedin bio example]

Pinterest bios

Character limit: 160 characters

Your Pinterest bio introduces yourself and your business to your audience. Pinterest is highly visual, so your bio should be short and to the point, letting your actual content speak for itself.

While hashtags are useful in other social media bios, Pinterest doesn’t work that way. Instead of focusing on hashtags, Pinterest uses keywords in your bio, post descriptions, and board descriptions to help relevant users discover you.

With this in mind, make sure your bio contains relevant descriptions of yourself or your brand, and choose your words strategically (without sounding like an SEO robot).

Personal brands

Template 1: The basics

[What you’re known for + your content themes]. Check out [main social channel/external website link].

Example: @tiffy4u

Tiffy Diamond YouTuber Millennial Lifestyle, Dating, Travel [social media bio example for pinterest]

Template 2: For creative & service-based entrepreneurs

[What you do] + [Where you’re based] | [What services you provide]

Example: @evarendlphotography

Eva Rendl Photography weddings couple and lifestyle portraits [social media bio example for pinterest]

Companies and organizations

Template 1: What you pin

[Description of what your business does/sells/provides]. Pinning [content type(s)].

Example: @flytographer

Flytographer easily book local photographers in 30+ cities [pinterest bio example]

Template 2: UGC callout

We’re sharing [type of content] and [type of content] that you can only discover through [company name]. Share yours using [branded hashtag].

Example: @airbnb

Airbnb sharing home ideas and wanderlust inspiration [pinterest bio example]

With these social media bio templates you’re one step closer to being a social media pro. Start scheduling and publishing posts with Hootsuite to take your skills to the next level.

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By Laura Wong

Laura Wong is a Canadian social media strategist based in Amsterdam. She is the founder of, an online platform that helps anyone land their dream social media job. Besides social media, Laura is passionate about travel, photography, entrepreneurship, and finding the best bubble tea in every city she visits.

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