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Staying Compliant: Current (and New) Regulations that Should Be on Your Radar

No one is downplaying risk and compliance challenges for regulated industries.

But it is possible—and profitable—to engage in outbound social marketing if you’re in a heavily regulated industry such as Finance, Health Care, and Insurance.

While policy requirements often differ depending on audience, engagement methods, type of industry, and even local laws, there is one constant: The need to ensure social compliance.

We’ve asked guest speakers John Hair, KPMG’s Director Risk Consulting and Digital Services, and Forrester Research Analyst Nick Hayes to share insights on implementing a compliance solution that is robust enough to address current regulations—and flexible enough to adapt to future regulations.

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Watch Know the Rules: Insights on Navigating Social Compliance now to find out:

  • How you can prepare your teams to anticipate compliance issues—not just focus on following the letter of the law as it stands now.
  • How to encourage responsible use of social media in your organization, from entry-level employees to your CEO.
  • Why demonstrating compliance to your audience and stakeholders matters just as much—if not more—as demonstrating it to regulators.

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Regulatory risks shouldn’t hinder your social success. Download the Navigating Social Media Compliance toolkit to learn how you can express your brand on social media while mitigating the risk of non-compliance.

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More about our speakers:

Jonathan Reedy
Senior Manager, Enterprise BD for Regulated Markets, Hootsuite
Twitter: @Hoot_jon

JonReedyJonathan is Hootsuite’s Senior Manager, Enterprise Business Development for Regulated Markets and he focuses on building strategic partnerships with the leading brands in compliance, risk and governance. Jonathan has an extensive background in marketing, sales and business development across a range of industries including HRIS, Operational Efficiency Management Consulting and SaaS Technology in the compliance vertical. Fun fact, Jonathan competed in Ski Halfpipe in the X-Games for 5 years and is the 2003 US Open Ski Halfpipe champion.

Nick Hayes
Analyst, Forrester Research
Twitter: @nickhayes10

Nick-Hayes-PRNick’s research is dedicated to the organizational and strategic elements that make up a successful governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) program. This includes a focus on corporate culture, training and awareness, and other human aspects of GRC. Nick also specializes in the emerging risk and compliance challenges of social media, advising clients on how to utilize social channels safely to build and protect company reputation.

John Hair
Director Risk Consulting and Digital Services, KPMG LLP
Twitter: @HJohnHair

John HairJohn serves as KPMG LLP’s (KPMG) lead for Risk and Compliance Services in the area of social media and is a passionate advocate for responsible use of social media and the power it brings to KPMG’s global client base. John possesses a track record of more than 25 years of development and operational management success, concentrating on new technology adoption across all industries and geographies. Prior to KPMG, he spent 15 years working at the executive level of major financial service organizations in Europe delivering technology solutions to address complex issues such as the consolidation of operations and increased regulatory control. John also holds leadership roles in KPMG’s Diversity Network and Convene Chicago, a networking platform designed to connect Chicago’s business, civic, and academic communities.