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Tips for Capturing and Understanding Social Data

When an organization decides to dedicate more time and resources to social, being able to measure and report on the impact it’s having on the business becomes more important than ever.

Gathering the right data and accurately measuring social traffic can be a challenge if you don’t know what to look for. To help you get on the right track, we’re sharing some of the best tips, tricks, and tools that our own team here at Hootsuite uses, as well as insights from industry leaders at Harvard University and Marketo.

A New Toolkit for Measuring Social Data

To help you better understand what social data you should be measuring and how to turn it into actionable insights, we’ve compiled a Social ROI Toolkit.

This toolkit contains:

  • How Hootsuite Wins with Social Data: This white paper will give you an inside look at how our own marketing pros use social listening and analytics to improve our business and hit our KPIs.
  • Social Media Tactical Plan from Marketo: This sample plan can be used as a template for your aligning your social networks—including your blog, video content, photos, and presentations—around specific and measurable objectives and metrics.
  • The Power of Social Conversation Analysis: In this guide, you’ll learn how to tap into the conversations happening on social and pull insights and competitive intelligence from them that can fuel your business strategies.

Download the toolkit now

How to Shed Light on ‘Dark Social’

If you’re aiming for more accurate ways of proving your social ROI, you’ll also benefit from our recent webinar about social analytics and ‘Dark Social.’

‘Dark Social’ is the term for traffic that comes to your website when people share a link through email, online chat, or other channels—as opposed to sharing it directly through social networks. Although this traffic should still be considered social sharing, it will often show up in your analytics as “direct referrals” which makes it difficult to accurately attribute it to its real source.

In the webinar—Accurately Measuring Your Social ROI—industry experts from Harvard University, Marketo, and Hootsuite discuss ‘Dark Social’ and how to accurately measure and track the analytics that matter to your business.

Watch this webinar on-demand now to learn about:

  • Dealing with measurement and reporting challenges of website visits that can’t be attributed to an actual source
  • The evolution of social media attribution strategies and tactics—and future trends
  • Effectively measuring social activity across multiple social media channels

Watch the webinar now