Day 5: Best Practices for Facebook Brand Pages ~ 12 Days of Lecture Series

By Allie Russell | 3 years ago | 9 Comments

HootSuite University Lecture Series

HootSuite University Lecture SeriesOver the past year, HootSuite University has released over 30 Lecture Series featuring strategy and best practices from industry leaders in the social space. To cap off 2012, we’re celebrating 12 of these leading educators and sharing their powerful content, to help you sprint to the finish line and hit the ground running in 2013. 

Check back throughout December as we release The 12 Days of Lecture Series leading up to the holidays, and keep track on Twitter by following #12DaysOfLectures.

Taylor Loren on TwitterOn the 5th day of webinars, walk through 5 Best Practices for Facebook Brand Pages with Resident Student Success Coordinator and community expert, Taylor Loren.

Your company’s Facebook page had a little work done a few months back, and with a 46% lift in brand engagement, Timeline has proven to be more than just a pretty face.

You may have adapted to the new look, but are you truly making the most of the added features and capabilities? Have you increased your brand’s reach and grown your community on Facebook since making the switch?

HootSuite University is here to bring you up to speed so your company can leverage this social shift.

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In this tactical, 20-minute webinar, explore valuable business examples and learn industry best practices in order to get the most from your company’s new Facebook page.

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Alex 5pts

Thank so much for the social media education which is so useful for me as a late bloomer ;-) Taylor Loren's Facebook practices are reasonable and I am sure the lecture is an important step for my social media appearance. Way to go!

Rob (Support Ranger)
Rob (Support Ranger) 5pts

Hi Mike,

Sorry to hear of the issues you're currently experiencing.

Your best bet would be to head over to, follow us there, send us a tweet and we'll DM with you with details of how to send us a support ticket. Once the ticket is in, we'll get back to you and help you get logged in to your dashboard so you can keep on hooting.

Look forward to speaking with you!


Jonathan 5pts

There are currently huge swings in engagement out there, some reporting massive hikes and others drops. What remains to be seen is how small businesses can benefit.

Destin Haynes
Destin Haynes 5pts

I really like the description of the cover photo on Facebook business pages being 'like your business card to the Facebook community" - very apt. I think that is a really great way explain just how valuable that social real-estate can be for a business or brand.

Mike Klassen
Mike Klassen 5pts

Hi guys, I've not been able to access for over a week. I've tried all my (Mac) browsers, but I'm getting redirected to a sign up for Pro account page every time. Emptied cache, cookies and still no luck. I get that you want me to go back to $6/month, but I'm quite satisfied with the free service.

Note, the Hootlet still works, just not accessing the Dashboard. I've not found any news that you've changed your policy, although I'm fine with being forced to go to your pro ads page sometimes. But I want access to my dashboard again.


oli 5pts

Thank you so much for posting this! Many of the smaller businesses I work with have asked so many of these questions, it's great to have a step-by-step video and guide to support the transition into timeline (it even taught me a few things:)! Keep up the great work Hootsuite!