What the Latest Facebook Update Means For Your Brand Page

By Evan LePage | 2 years ago | No Comments

facebook-iconA new Facebook update has once again put pressure on brands to share images every time they post on their Facebook Page.

The social network has changed its algorithm to reduce the number of “text status updates” from Pages – not from friends – that appear in your news feed.

According to a post on the Facebook blog, testing showed that individual users post more text status updates when they see an increased number of text status updates in their news feeds. Except this wasn’t the case when it came to text updates from Pages, which motivated the algorithm change.

What You Should Be Posting

“Page admins can expect a decrease in the distribution of their text status updates, but they may see some increases in engagement and distribution for other story types,” according to the blog post.

The other story types they’re referring to means more images and videos. It was always a best practice to include appealing imagery or videos when posting to your brand Page on Facebook. Now, however, it’s basically essential.

Facebook provided the following as an example of what is commonly done right now:

That format — a text post with an outbound link — will now receive a lower ranking and far less attention from Facebook when it comes to user home feeds. In contrast, Facebook suggested this as an example to follow:

The focus on including a visual aspect to the post is clear. The blog states that these types of posts usually receive increased engagement as well. That said, the two examples shared by Facebook show an increased number of likes on the text post, which seems a bit counter-intuitive for brands.

In the end, the algorithm change shouldn’t drastically altar your Facebook strategy. You should still be engaging with users in the comments and you should still be sharing high-quality, visually powerful content. This should probably include an increased use of Instagram images, which you can bet will get a higher ranking from Facebook now that they own it.

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Alexander Robinson
Alexander Robinson

Hi Evan,

An interesting and informative article!

Do you believe brands will begin to approach users directly, to share their messages and content? With the users gaining the power and influence now, with regards to content share, will brands begin to lose promotional control? 

evanlepage moderator

@Alexander Robinson Hi Alexander. I think we're already seeing that happen, especially on newer networks like Vine and Instagram where regular users really do get more traction. We've also seen brands 'hand over the keys' for a day with power users. I don't think brands are losing promotional control as much as they realize that users are gaining in influence, and it's smart to connect with them more directly. 

Thanks for your question! 

Nelson Tapia
Nelson Tapia

Hi, I am Hootsuite Pro client, can you tell how to make a post link like the second in your example in Hootsuite. I only gets small pictures when I post link in Facebook?.

Hootsuite_Help_Desk moderator

Hello @Nelson Tapia,

Thanks for question - I'm happy to help!

In order to include a link in your post that will generate an image preview, you may follow the steps found here: https://help.hootsuite.com/entries/21589326-Adding-Links-and-Advanced-Functions

If you're have any trouble with this and/or thing do not appear as expected, please reach out to us on Twitter @Hootsuite_Help and we can assist further.


Kathleen | @Hootsuite_Help | Hootsuite Help Desk - http://ow.ly/dBnBz



I don't get it. What you list as an example appears to be the same thing twice: once without a story preview and once with it. Is the post with the image some other kind of post besides an outbound link with preview?

OH - Clicked through to the Facebook article where it's explained better. Basically punishing pages that are not using Facebook as the interface. Post from Hootsuite without using the Facebook link-share function = lower algorithm rank. It's not about finding a visual element it's about using Facebook's feature to display it.


Sorry, posted too fast. So my question becomes: Does the Hootesuite link preview count toward the better Facebook algorithm?

evanlepage moderator

@jenmmueller  Hi Jen. The method used to post doesn't effect how a post is treated by Facebook. The type (text, photo, link) of post does. HootSuite supports all three post types: image, text status, link. This means that you can post full size images, not just previews, using HootSuite and in doing so help your posts rank better on Facebook.

Prior to these new changes from Facebook [regardless of the method used to post] text-based status updates outperformed photo posts and link posts with previews for pages. This was happening because users naturally engage with more text based posts from their Facebook friends. This increased the likelihood that text-based status updates w/o link previews on pages saw greater reach.
Facebook and page publishers rightly prefer their content to look rich and dynamic favoring links previews and photo posts. So Facebook made the change we are covering here to adjust their algorithm to favor posts with rich content over text-based status updates.
Hopefully this clarifies things. Thank you for reaching out to us!