What are the top 3 reasons why you unfollow people/brands? Question of the Week

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Keep Spam in the can. Image courtesy of Timag

We polled our communities on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ asking them why they unfollow brands on each social network. Hundreds of you were quick to respond, sharing your biggest social media pet peeves.

Although there were some common issues across all three networks, there are clear differences too.

We’ve made a comparison between the top 3 answers, take a look.

1. Volume: consistency is key


The quickest way to alienate Facebook fans? Overpost content.

Over 65 of our Facebook fans took the time to vent their number one frustration: brands spamming their Facebook feeds.

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 2.41.53 PM


On the other side of the spectrum, Google+ users were lamenting over the lack of content volume — disappointed that their favourite brands were neglecting their Google+ fans.

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 4.31.59 PM


Finally, Twitter users are easily aggravated by inconsistent posting.

Spur of the moment inspiration or jamming your followers feed? Be careful and consider scheduling during your prolific moments.

2. Engagement

Weighing in at a close second, we were curious to discover that brands are not only disengaging with their users over time, but also posting heaps of irrelevant content.


Over 40% of respondents, across all three social networks, said they would unfollow a brand’s page purely because they don’t feel a connection anymore.

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 2.50.17 PM

3. Language

It’s simple, keep content positive. Our users say they shy away from negative vibes, including hot political opinions and brands that shame their competitors.

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 2.59.00 PM

Why do you unfollow brands on Facebook, Twitter or Google+? Let us know if there is anything we missed.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Tune in every Monday afternoon for the HootSuite question of the week!

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afithk 5pts

why unfollow? because i not use the products

Lorraine Shingler
Lorraine Shingler 5pts

My number one irritation and the thing that is most common? Posting the exact same thing across all of your social media outlets at the same time. I don't need to see the same comment/photo/video/question on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest - God knows where else. Once is enough thanks, and if that's all a brand is doing then I will only follow them via one medium, not across all platforms. What's the point?

Esmerodo11 5pts

I don't like products which are bad taste, a marketer of kitschy coffins, for instance >_<

Esmerodo11 5pts

I unfollow if the brand gives coupons I'm not interested in & gives no product information as opposed to slogans.

Rainbow Tux
Rainbow Tux 5pts

On Facebook for me the most important reason is that Facebook will abuse your like to advertise the brand to friends. I sincerely hate to see that my friends like Coca Cola or a brand of shoes or whatever, so I do not engage with brands on Facebook to avoid this.

Jimmy Stephenson
Jimmy Stephenson 5pts

Regardless of how interesting a subject may be, you can always have too much of a good thing. I love that moderation was covered since that seems to be the biggest issue when people are leaving.

Alfredo Martinez
Alfredo Martinez 5pts

I'm actually willing to follow brands who sell products that I don't use, such as Red Bull and Go Pro, because I find their content and campaigns interesting - sometimes more interesting than my own friends who remain on my feed while getting away with way more shenanigans than brands do. However, if brands Facebook Pages can't even give me a reason to pay attention, let alone buy and recommend their products, then I'm out.

It probably goes without saying that these reasons, along with many others you posted about, are mostly forgiven when it comes to friends. However, some people out there really, really get attached to brands and probably see something like Apple or Nike on the same level as a friend they need to keep on their feed.

socialkristy 5pts

I think Kevin above summed it up really well when he said that "its nothing personal, just maintaining a manageable signal to noise ratio". We are bombarded with messaging and brands need to work (and work hard) find the sweet spot between irrelevance/overload and  the creative place where they take risks and keep themselves top of mind. It is a fine balance; I will tolerate a light product push if you are giving me more in the long run. But I think brands must always be mindful of value and giving more than they are getting....at least on the surface. 

Alyssa Kritsch
Alyssa Kritsch moderator 5pts

@Lorraine Shingler Lorraine, I completely agree! There are so many opportunities to market a brand  depending on which network you are posting on. I love when a brand has great diversity across their different social networks.


Alyssa Kritsch
Alyssa Kritsch moderator 5pts

@Esmerodo11 Do you find you enjoy brands that offer more or less content relevant to their product? Or would you prefer just product information?


Alyssa Kritsch
Alyssa Kritsch moderator 5pts

@Rainbow Tux Very valid point. It almost seems that advertising is tarnishing the perception of what brands offer on social media. It would be nice to see more of the content your friends are enjoying, rather than just the brand name.


Alyssa Kritsch
Alyssa Kritsch moderator 5pts

@Jimmy Stephenson Exactly, Jimmy. You've hit the nail on the head here.


Alyssa Kritsch
Alyssa Kritsch moderator 5pts

@Alfredo Martinez Very valid points Alfredo. I too agree that some of my favourite brand followings on social media are products that I mostly never purchase. I think this leaks into the idea of strong content strategies... maybe a good idea for our next question of the week!


Alyssa Kritsch
Alyssa Kritsch moderator 5pts

@socialkristy Really well articulated Kristy, thank you. I think the topic is worth doing a follow up post, there seems to be a lot of great opinions and interest around the topic!