Facebook and Hootsuite ~ A Guide by the Hootsuite Social Media Coaches

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Looking to simplify your Facebook experience? Hootsuite has you covered.

As you increase your use of social media and begin to juggle multiple accounts and pages, things can get a bit complicated. Signing in and out, monitoring a bunch of different data (private messages, mentions, event sign-ups, etc.) and trying to track how your posts are doing can become very time consuming.

With that in mind, the Hootsuite dashboard integrates all the functions you need to help you stay on top of your Facebook activity quickly and easily. As a Preferred Marketing Developer, Hootsuite is able to offer our customers all of the Facebook tools they require, from posting updates, images and videos, to monitoring the reach of posts.

To help you get acquainted with Hootsuite’s Facebook integration, our team of Social Media Coaches has created a Facebook guide.

Download our Social Media Coach Facebook Guide to learn more:


Did you know that you can track who looked at your Facebook posts by region and language? Did you know that you can assign Facebook messages to your Team Members?

Those are only a few of the ways Hootsuite can improve your Facebook experience. There are many more, and we explain some of them in the guide, including:

  • Step-by-step instructions on setting up Facebook in your Hootsuite dashboard

  • Facebook Insights Analytics, a collection of Facebook analytics compiled into an easily accessible and readable report

  • Hootsuite Assignments, a tool that allows you to quickly assign Facebook messages to colleagues and team members both within Hootsuite and in your browser

  • Facebook best practices for businesses and power users, so you can maximize your posting success

Let Hootsuite be your Facebook sidekick!

To learn more about your Hootsuite dashboard, join our free Social Media Coach webinars:


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Alvin_Mokaya 5pts

Hi Hootsuite,

Is there a way to achieve dual control on Facebook posts with Hootsuite. It's possible with Twitter where one party drafts and another approves.......is this possible with Facebook as well?

Hootsuite_Help_Desk moderator 5pts

@Alvin_Mokaya Hi there!

Thank you for reaching out to the Hootsuite Team via our Blog. My name is Gary and I'd be happy to clarify further. 

At this time, the ability to submit messages for approval is only available with the Hootsuite Enterprise Plan: 


I hope this helps to clarify! 

Thanks again for reaching out to us. If we can assist further with any questions, please reach out to us on Twitter, @Hootsuite_help or via Private Message on our Facebook Page, https://www.facebook.com/hootsuite

Kind regards, 
Gary | @HootSuite_Help | HootSuite Help Desk - http://ow.ly/dBnBz

NewTech_News 5pts

Hi Hootsuite,

I have a question about your Facebook integration, mainly will it still be available after April next year. The noises in the developer community suggest that ALL 3rd party apps are going to lose permission to read users facebook timelines after April 2015, if so will you guys too? :( 

I hope not, but a clarification would be much appreciated!

rb 5pts

if you can't tag fb pages via hs then you can't do anything and hs is useless for social media marketing. all this other stuff is superfluous. when is this feature coming?

Coqui Prose
Coqui Prose 5pts

I enjoyed reading this. I am a writer, and own a company that provides writing for clients across various services. One of the drawbacks to being as busy as we are is that we don't have time to manage our own promotions and social media management. A client of ours asked us to manage his social media management and introduced us to HootSuite, which is what his company uses. We instantly realized the benefits of using it for our own company. And off we went to learn HootSuite and implement our learnings for our own social media management. I am a huge fan of HootSuite! We can manage Twitter, Linked In and Facebook from what I like to call "Command Central." No logging in to each account separately, which is a time killer. So thanks, HootSuite! You've already proven your worth to us!