What Twitter Followers Can Do for Your Business

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What Twitter Followers can do for business
Some SMBs (small-to-medium sized businesses) still say that they don’t have time for social networking. Some also say that tools like Twitter don’t do enough to improve their bottom line.

But new data from Twitter (featured in the infographic below and in this post from Twitter themselves) suggests otherwise. The social network surveyed people over 18-years-old, in the US and UK, who self-identify as Twitter followers of SMBs. The results were surprising, and make a great case for a bigger investment in social networking. Among the highlights, from the Twitter post:

People are more likely (72%) to make a future purchase from an SMB after they follow or interact with them on Twitter. We also see a lift (30%) in people who are likely to recommend. Why do recommendations matter? Because they drive traffic: 86% of respondents said they are more likely to visit an SMB if a friend recommends them.

Takeaway: Not only can followers turn into customers, they can also help spread the word about you, leading to even more customers.

With numbers like that, SMBs that aren’t already executing social media strategies should sit up and take note. Gander and marvel at the rest of the findings:

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Chris_Sigl 5pts

@garyvee - Thnx for your reply. When it comes social media, you are the best in the business!

jennherman31 5pts

@jamyjam21 That's a very good reason Janee! I'm looking forward to how they implement buying on Twitter

essentialbliss1 5pts

I have a beauty training school and have nearly all social media and sometimes wonder why I am doing it all, so was great to read this to re-inforce the battle! Will share on my pages too if that is OK. Be great for my students to read, who are all setting up beauty businesses themselves, now they have come through and graduated.

uberbabyboomer 5pts

@hootsuite I too have used Twitter to resolve problems w. co. and judge companies & nonprofits by how they use Twitter.

bookreeader 5pts

@hootsuite Not sure how much value a follower has, but managed to resolve 2 HUGE issues with companies just by Tweeting....

krdpravin 5pts

@hootsuite @sm63 sir your opinion on this. I feel this may be caged & effect error. Ppl follow coz they feel connected :-!

Sociator 5pts

@socentlondon most likley they would. A person doesn't invest time in reading spam tweets just for the lulz.... or at least 72% of them :)