What is the Value of a Twitter Follower?

By Hannah Clark | 2 years ago | No Comments

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 11.24.47 AMTwitter released a new interactive, detailing just how important each and every follower is to any small or medium business.

Follow along as @TheJoeJones travels through the Twittersphere; from receiving a Tweet to adding value (and followers) to his favorite new business, @SoCalSurfCo. Throughout his journey we learn:

  • 86% of users are more likely to visit a business after it has been recommended by a friend.
  • 84% of people that follow/interact with small/medium businesses (SMBs) will mention a SMB to share a positive experience.
  • The reach of each individual Tweet or Retweet

Take a look at Twitter’s Interactive to discover the value of each one of your followers:

View the Interactive

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hogar 365 5pts

I think that I found very interesting this option to check the value of our followers on Twitter. Thanks for the info.

Promote_Thanet 5pts

yet I phoned a shop today who had not updates for four months told to busy serving customers  and twitter dont work. Hmmmm me thinks they not