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5 B2B Brands Leading the Pack on Social

B2B brands that invest in social marketing are seeing a big payoff. As Aberdeen’s Research Report shows, top performing companies have integrated social media into their marketing processes. So who are the ones leading the pack in 2015?

We’ve gathered a list of some of our favorite B2B brands that are killing it on social. Whether they’ve won awards, exponentially grown their audiences, or significantly increased their revenue, these brands have shown that you don’t have to be a silicon startup to do amazing social marketing.

1. General Electric

The 123-year-old company General Electric proves that there’s no such thing as a boring brand. General Electric captures the imagination of their audience by exploring the wonders of industrial technology. Their goal? To inspire the next generation of scientists. Their awesome campaigns have landed them a Shorty Award for Best Brand on Vine and finalist spot for Best Fortune 500 Brand on Social Media.

Why are they leading the pack? They aren’t afraid to experiment on social, and they invite their audience to experiment too. The day after Vine launched, GE jumped on this new opportunity and quickly launched their #6SecondScience Fair campaign. They asked their audience to participate in science experiments and GE reshared those experiments. In the first week of the #6SecondScience Fair campaign, GE got more than 600 submissions and increased its Vine following by 40,000 people.

2. American Express

When American Express started on social back in 2009, it was all about providing awesome customer service. Their @AskAmex forum continues to provide customers with the answers they need. It’s a simple—but often ignored—part of doing effective social media marketing. Their @AmericanExpress account has grown to 856,000 followers on Twitter.

Why are they leading the pack? They’ve started to integrate social media with financial transactions, completely transforming the customer experience. Programs like @AmexOffers give customers exclusive deals through social media.

3. IBM

Dubbed one of the most valuable global B2B brands, IBM is also leading the charge in its social media marketing. They are leaders in recruiting fresh talent through initiatives like #NewWayToWork, and have managed to get over 1,000 of their staff to become IBM advocates on social media. That’s no small feat.

Why are they leading the pack? IBM puts their employees’ talent and happiness at the heart of their social marketing. For example, they often feature #womenatIBM doing experiments, giving inspirational talks, and sharing success stories.

4. MailChimp

MailChimp keeps their message simple: send better email. Their social marketing follows the same mantra. It’s quirky and on brand—and their images are lots of fun while keeping the message clear.

Why are they leading the pack? MailChimp has totally nailed their signature style, and their playful social presence has won them a loyal following. For example, their Instagram is theatrical and totally original. As Contently points out, “In all of its Instagram communications, MailChimp presents an image of itself as a company filled with people who are whimsical, curious, and happy.”


Starting with their documentary series, “The Network Effect,” Cisco has built their brand around the story of digital transformation. They teach their customers about the evolution of technology and its impact on human activity.

Why are they leading the pack? They tell great stories on social. Their new project, “The Future of Work,” looks at the way that technology changes the way people work. Cisco does a good job at getting their audience interested in their industry.

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